NYC Goes A Day Without Violent Crime

In 24hrs there was not a single report of bloodshed.

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Where’s Detroit in that chart?

Don’t worry, I’m sure somebody was raped and just didn’t bother to report it.
Or maybe, they just haven’t found the bodies yet.
No need to get worked up.

Thank you Spiderman, you are appreciated.

Mmmm no Mexico in that list?!

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I think every bar would scale down to London size compared to Mejico these days



It all went to Florida

I got robbed by black people that day. only had a $ on me and no wallet.


doesn’t count if you didnt call da police

i’m calling bullshit on moscow’s number.

A kid that looked Asian got stabbed by a bunch of black kids here in Brooklyn Monday. Hi 5 Brooklyn.

Yea… “I ain’t seen nothin” comes to mind. Definitely don’t want to turn up missing one day.

yooo, somebody post that Ice Cube song

Alright, who’s snitchin’

Walking around with bags that have a $ on it instead of a wallet. :bluu:

And I was just joking about calling you “moneybags”

Did all the Black people disappear for one day?

But in all seriousness, good stuff NYC. City was much classier than New Orleans when it came to Hurricane clean up.

did the mexicans disappear too

true. and realistically, US crime rates will always be higher than other countries in part due to police actually giving a fuck and filing reports compared to other countries. in korea the police are pretty fucking useless unless the person complaining is an older man.