NYC Console Revival! - Bi-weekly Ranbats + Casual Fridays

Alright guys I got a few things settled at my store and I want to build hype for Fridays at web2zone so here is what we are going to do.

Starting THIS FRIDAY June 1st we will be holding small tournaments for all fighting games. Since we are the home of Slammin’ Saturday Nights and Super Practice Opera I think we gotta get some small Bi-Weeklie tournaments. Here is the deal :

Venue : $10

Tournaments : $2 per tournament winner take all

Games : 3s, CVS2, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, Dead or Alive 4

June 1st : 3s

June 15th : Dead or Alive 4* + 3s* w/ GGAC trainging

*** - I will be ranking these so these are w2z ranbats. At the end of the month I will take the top score and give them free entry to any tournament they choose. **

Alright guys show some love cause I moved around Super Smash Bros. Melee to bi-weekie so I will give tournaments 2-3 Televisions for the tournament.

Signs-ups start at 6 pm - 7pm

Tournaments at 7pm

3s is 2/3 Double Elimination with 3/5 in GRAND Finals

CvS 2 is 2/3 Double Elimination (one match in losers) with 2/3 in GRAND FINALS

GGXXS is 2/3 Double Elimination with 3/5 in GRAND Finals

Dead or Alive 4 is 2/3 Double Elimination with 3/5 GRAND Finals

Alright lets get it started this Friday and get the heads…from this basis we will expand to ST and some old school games.

Lets bring back Console Players to web2zone on FRIDAYS

Also if coming Fridays is a problem I have this deal set up for weekdays :

**web2zone Gamers Club

web2zone, home of Casual Fridays and Slammin Saturday Nights,brings Gamers Club. The Goal is to give everyone a great experience and events on a weekly basis for everyone to enjoy. Come down and support the home of gamers everywhere web2zone!

Where: web2zone
When: Sunday Friday |Begins June 4th
Time: 12:00pm 12:00am
Price: $10 entry fee x $5 per Tournament (Up to 6 Tournaments a Day)
$10 FOR 12 HOURS?!?!

Tournament Games:
Counter-Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike: Source
Warcraft III
World Of Warcraft
Day of Defeat
Quake 4

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Halo 2
Gears of War
Guitar Hero
Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Super Street Fighter 2 : Turbo
Dead or Alive 4

1 v 1 Games: 1st - $30

  • $10 pot bonus by me
    2 v 2 Games: 1st - $30
    5 v 5 Games: 1st - $75

*- All 1v1 console events are double elimination 2 out of 3 matches.

  • 8 man cap per console event. (8 people 1v1 ; 4 teams 2v2)
  • 1v1 console first place is $40*

54 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

I added an additional $10 for 1v1 to help convince people to come. I want to see everyone there so step the game up.

In 2 weeks at the next ranbat, Nick T. will be running ST

$2 entry
2/3 games
3/5 grand finals

I need to start showing up to casual fridays.

Well I’m never going to be able to make these, and this is practically the reason why you started runing tournaments on a Saturday, but whatever. Good luck.

i wont be able to make it to these till about 730 or 8 but if im their i will play ill even waste my money for cvs2 since i dunno how to play lol

The Saturday tournaments are still gonna happen. This is just something extra, along with some other stuff alex is trying to get rolling.

ya this is for the locals to get something going on fridays…Slammin Sat Nights can never die they are too smexy lol…anyways…chibi I wanted to ask you something about doing import biweeklies or something…beyond that…i love u:)

same here. why is my name on this if im never going to attend it

cause u said you would lol

to all who dont already know im takin 3s so in advance thanks for your $$$ :lovin:

Yeah, about that…Hold Dat would like to have a word with you.

Top 3 status > you

How about this, you enter and I donate the gas money you wasted back to you? Hold Dat is taking that money. I believe the hype. He’s no longer the black sheep.

Saturday this shit down. T.T

Now I’m coming just to deny you my money. Get ready!

no marvel?

What time are casuals supposed to begin on Fridays?

What happened to A2 Alex?

And where is the best game ever made? And by that I mean…It begins with S and ends with T.

well I want to talk to Jeron about running A2 but we open up at 530-6ish and we start at 7 so get there early :slight_smile:

I added to the first post…hope that helps more:)

i am not afraid i just want all you to know one thing…

I CAME TO BRING THE PAIN!!!—special FTW :lovin:

nah in all seriousness i just want people to start gettin hype man this shit is meant to be fun and alex is doin right by this to support the community lets show our gradititude and show up to these events people.


wtf you didn’t even enter the past three tournaments I ran.


i no man this is my way to say i will play again i took a break from the game
i didnt even play at evo