NYC Chinatown 06/07/08 marvel tournament results

1st Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney

2nd Mike “Infinite” Williams

3rd Javier “Khameleon” Chorrillos


Erik Smoothvyper was upset by Sylvester and Arthur(twice) and was taken out early.

Rahsaan making an appearance at this tournament (maybe a comeback?:woot:)

Me getting erfed 3-10 by Infinite. Good job friend-o, guess it wasn’t my night. The vids are on my cam, I’ll put them up shortly.

Great job everyone! Except for Mike, I feel like being a sore loser, haha.

My last is spelled “Chorrillos”… Lol

Well, desmond didn’t buy my masstick (for dreamcast), If anyone interested in buying a Masstick with 360 joystick for $100, please let me know.

yeah it was crazy cuz i started Erik in da losers cuz he got there late. He played Arthur in the losers and lost. Then he bribes me and Huggy bear to get back in the tourney. So he takes huggy bear’s spot. He beat me and then loses to Slyvester AKA Justin Wing. Erik was maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad salty after wards. Erik u my dude but u was saltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…LMAO. We all have bad days bro:wgrin:

Well it looks like amir not only can’t block he can’t post correct info with results.

1-desmond (thrax) loses to noone
2-mike infinite (thrax, row) loses to javier, desmond
3-javier (thrax, mss-a) loses to desmond , mike
4-slyvester (msp) loses to des, mike
5-erik smoothviper (thrax, scrub) lol loses by dq in winners , peaced out by arther in losers, buys back in and gets peaced out (again) by slyvester aka cf locals finest
5-arther CHAOSNIGHTWOLF!!! (Thrax) loses to someone in the winners and mike in losers

Erik gets owned up left n right gg
Desmond over javier in winners finals 3-1
Mike over javier in losers finals 3-0
Desmond over mike freeee aka my demon aka wtf how does someone play like that aka who cares I wanna own amir next 4-0
Lol erik comes mad late n got dq’d to losers(don’t come late to listons tourneys)

And I own amir 10-free, ppl had faith in him cute cute, I’d ask if u guys wanna run that back but I didn’t act well enought n give him anymore games. Oh and btw amir got 7th again and maintains his streak. Good job amir that shows consistency.

“Pick that shit again, imma fuck it up!!”

^^ yeh that that shit was pretty bad!! thanks for the money arthur lol j/p…

Yo Jose man!!! step ur liquor drinking up!!! vodka is supposed to be a hard liquor lol!!! next time ill bring u some hypnotiq lol…

I dont remember if u said it before or not but whats the condition of the stick and is it a happ or wico… thanx vedy much!:looney:

hahahaha I told merdoc that when money was on the line infinite all day THATS HOW A NIGGA EATS

Whats good im down for some console MM’s???

Liston: for running a ghetto fabulous marvel tourney, and helping to keep the hype going.

Phocus: for being clutch on the random alcoholic beverages at this galor event. (We need more real niggas like this to keep the scene alive!!)

Money Mike: For making me glad i didnt bet on Amir

Myself: for backing out of my bet on Amir at the last 2nd, and saving Andrew Jacksons life in the process.

Erik Smoothviper: for paying me 20 bucks to take my spot in tourney, leaving me with a surplus of funds from this event.

Desmond Pinkey: for ending the grand finals really quickly, so that we can all get to the main event!!

JasonX: for showing love with the random appearance.

Arturo: for the super drunk/high St matches after tourney(mad fun nugie brawls!!)

I hope there is more heated marvel egos that allow for me to make money at the next tourney, I still hate this random game, and dont plan on unretiring but you gotta love the Marvel hate. Keep it hateful next tourney niggas!!

My name is spelled “Arthur”

I lost to Javier in winners.

It’s in perfect condition. No dents or anything. It’s 360 joystick and CTF (competition) buttons. The buttons are all red and the frame is black.

Javier the salesman. Thats ur new name SALESMAN…LMAO

I love to modesty Mike, but this ain’t over yet! :arazz: There are many more tourneys and their are many more money matches to come. Just watch out, there might be a run back, and I might be backing myself (since I know no one will back me anymore, haha)

Where Are The Videos Of This Mm:(

haha. No doubt…

For sale:(All of this items are new & unopened, Not Stolen so feel free to get apple care)
32gb iPod Touch: $380
8gb iPod Nano (black): $150
17 inch MacBook Pro: Price various between $2200-$2300 (sold out for the next 3 weeks)
I’ll unlock your iPhone for free if I know u, if not then donate some food to the Feed The Lincoln Morris Foundation… lol

Do i fall under this catogory??? lol:amazed:

Of course. Everyone should get a iPhone.

Less than 24 hours til they announce the new iPhone. :open_mouth:

What tine did it start? I got there with some friends at six and left at 7 cuzz there were only two guys playing …

I’ll consider buying the IPod Touch if the 3g Iphone doesn’t own it free.

You finally learned to take my advice when taking bets, although I predicted 10-5 or 10-6, Amir must have been off his game or Money Mike was on fire (or both).

Sounds like mad fun, sucks having mad work to do on weekends.

Hey Liston, any chance of a Friday tournament that would start at like 6pm.

Also I’m free this wednesday so Marvel day.

Phocus, if you get better I’ll give you a rematch of that MM you wanted.