NSJ: Volume ?)0\\|?

iTS Time again nsj brethern, must unite at pinks!!!

ps, who will win.1.1

ace vs reset???

Well, to translate, Reset and Ace have partaken in illicit activities and can longer post with any coherence. Much to my dismay (I too am quit faded) have to post about whats going on.

The 3 of us are playing marvel. Ross where are you?



ggac >>> mvc2 easily josh, lets get more games in!!!11111111

reset just invented the newest trap of the future…af STORM/BLACKHEART~ this is the sickest trap, NORMAL jump vert typhoons + BH assist, unescapable

ace bare witness to the evo2k9 secret

console suckkkkkkkkkks

ps rossimus come over

mike boss has the best capcom

hey reset, we missed you at regency man

where were you?

coulda sworn, i was doing that before reset was born.

coulda sworn, u saw me doing that today, taking notes, and texting reset all about it.

I <3 Jal

everytime i’ve seen reset lately, he’s high to the max…too good

guilty :angel:

Hi ace~!!! :angel:

Seriously, Mike Ross with the Captain Commando of the year! I don’t think anyone is ready for that!

So…Pinks anyone? That does sound pretty good right about now!

hi brian~!:lovin:

magnus, you played great yesterday! u continue to impress me even though u havn’t gone to any tournies in a while

good shit to mike and his fucking capcom lol

hey taiji

was fun playing you in ST even tho ur boxer raped me and my ryu over and over and over and over.

almost makes me want to start playing games again :slight_smile:

oh shit, that was u? haha gg’s man! :karate:

good looks deandre!

i was invited remember =’[

i was just joking about that, man

you should have called me, i would have given you a ride

anybody going to the seasons beating tourney in ohio?

got my plane tickets