Now on Kickstarter: Pocket Rumble, featuring characters from Divekick and Fantasy Strike

this thread is dead, new thread here: Pocket Rumble: 2D indie fighter on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

Nice, looks really fun

Can we at least get a more detailed explanation of the game in the OP?

EDIT: P.S. Can playable Kick be a stretch goal?

OMG, this game makes me remember when I got my very first game on my Game Boy Color, I remember it was some sort of fighting game base on SNK King of Fighters? Even though it is different with NEO GEO POCKET, I STILL REMEMBER THAT I’VE LOVED THOSE 8-BIT FIGHTERS A LOT…

Yes, Please.

P.S.: Want Kick as a playable character too XD

Now I wish all fighting games had a frame data bar.

We’ll try to edit the OP with some more of the info from the Kickstarter yeah.

Playable Kick would either be completely useless or completely broken. I just don’t think it’s possible to make him balanced without making him just not play like Divekick. So he wouldn’t ever be playable in regular modes. But if challenge mode gets unlocked there’s a chance there will be a version of the Vs. Kick fight where you can play as Kick against the AI or play local multiplayer with one player as Kick and one as a normal character, though.

Why do you think we want playable Kick?

This game looks incredible. I’ve always fantasized about making a fighting game in a similar style.

The framedata bar is a really cool idea, although I wonder how useful it’s gonna be. Either way, backed your project, hope it makes it!

Could do without the Keits/Sirlin dick-sucking but hey, ya gotta’ do what ya’ gotta’ do. I’ll chip in $15 because it looks like fun and hope they hit the GGPO goal.

I never managed to play the NGPC fighters (tried one of the Metal Slugs and hated it) but always heard good things about them and the godliness of the NGPC joystick.

Don’t be harsh dude, just seems like they are paying homage to ALL things fighting games and trying to get some bonus exposure.

Project looks decent. Wish you guys success.

Put up a better quality screenshot. Not as action-packed, but it shows off the frame data bar.

I will buy this day one if it has online multiplayer! I just gave a thumbs up on Steam Greenlight for it.

There will be online multiplayer no matter what! But hopefully we can get GGPO and get on Steam to get the best online possible.


Everyone give this game a thumbs up (“Yes”) on Steam Greenlight:

What’s Leona doing wearing Terry’s hat?

Shhhhhhhhh don’t tell everyone our secrets!!!

On top of looking as SNK as possible, she also plays like SNK fighters. She has Terry, Clark, and Kyo moves!

yo that rule 63 terry is gdlk

Definitely would buy day 1 one for Linux support alone. I get the PC fightan market is small enough as it is, and the Linux fightan market is smaller, but any and all new entries into either are more than welcome in my book.

Thanks! We’ve got some flak from some people for Naomi apparently looking too much like Terry, but personally she’s one of my favorite sprites.

Its like a kawaii terry. I approve.

I honestly thought Naomi’s character was to Terry Bogard like Sakura is to Ryu. I’m really loving that frame data bar but im a bit confused as to how it works.