Now... Fight your rival

When arrives the time to “fight my rival” (arcade mode) sometimes I fight against Sagat, sometimes against Ken …

Ryu is one of those characters that has two rivals

So, it’s a pure casual thing?

No AFAIK you can choose your rival. Try to hit all punches at the same time for Ken and all kicks at the same time for Sagat on the screen with “Fight your rival.”. It could be enough to just do nothing for Ken and push A for Sagat, as I almost always get Sagat. I mash on A + Start between games.

EDIT: I tried this a few times and it seems to work. The problem is still that I mash A between rounds, so I need to break my habit for this to work. I do not understand the exact timing, so if you know that the next stage will be your rival start mashing LK+MK+HK for Sagat and LP+MP+HP for Ken. Works for all characters that have two rivals.

Wow. I’ll try it.