Novice looking for tons of Cody tips

For the past six months, I’ve been attempting to become skilled enough to win against people. When I first started, I was told Cody would be a great intro to Street Fighter (the only other game I played was Vanilla SF2 on my cell phone).

I’ve got my basic execution down. I can do all his moves easily. I can do his basic combos.
Problem is, I only have the basics.
So my questions are:

1.) How do I put pressure on my opponents as Cody? I know he’s toast when the enemy can pressure him, but I have no way of pressuring them enough that I can stay the dominant fighter and win. What are my best bets for pressure?

2.) Is it a good idea to use Ultra 2 (Last Dread Dust) as a punisher for when the enemy tries to hit me with a ground attack on wakeup? I know I should never get knocked down, but if I do and the enemy goes in for a ground attack, I like to throw Last Dread Dust at them and punish them good.

Any additional tips would also be appreciated.

Read this for general tips: Super Street Fighter IV/Cody - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!
Watch these for more specific tips: [media=youtube]jr06BafBGeQ]YouTube - Presents: Cody - SSF4 , [url=[/media]

Learn to read frame data, that’s pretty big.
other than that, there are no shortcuts, just keep playing.

You should never do this unless you’re 100% sure it’ll hit. Not only is it EXTREMELY unsafe, it’s also just very ungentleman-like.

I posted a ton of matchup specific tips for Cody on this site,

I’ve tried reading all the guides and "how-to"s about this game and Cody and none of it seems to work.
Every match I play ends basically the same way. I attempt to pressure my opponent and then they hit me with some reversal and I’m stuck on the defensive getting my ass kicked.
I know this game takes time to get good at, but I think six months is enough time to get good enough to win more than 1 out of every 20 or so matches.

Use ultra 1 for now, ultra 2 is good but if you use it randomly, you’ll lose a lot of match that you could have won. You can take it back in the future when you have a better idea of when to use it and what punish with it.

Identify your problems. What makes you lose when you play rush down. You take a lot of reversals ? Provoke them ! Use a blockstring, then do nothing, just keep your guard. And, PUNISH. In 3-4 punish, you can win the round.
Mixup throw. Use tick throw, or crack kick (6hk) and throw. Then, after 2 or 3, do not throw, but do your bnb with a timing delay, to stuff into the os tech. Or directly, after the 6hk.
Learn 2 or 3 frametrap, but do not use them all the times. And mix with delaying your timings.
Meaty, and learn to meaty (do not do when the player SRK everytime). I’m not that good at that, but I use three of them with relative success : 2lk xx ruffian/cu mixup with 6hp (overhead). And hp > 2hp xx whatever for great damage.
The 2 hp+hk (fake stone) is godlike, for mixup. You can do whatever you like after it.

I’m not getting reversal’d only when I go for a combo. I’m trying to create pressure through blockstrings and baiting reversals, but the enemy seems to be able to throw out a reversal even if my blockstring is airtight.
And God forbid I trying throwing them. That, too, is an open invitation to get reversal’d.
Meaty is about the only thing on that list I can do without catching a reversal from the get-go.

If your strings are “airtight” that shouldn’t happen. I would keep them to just lp/mp’s becuz those leave you in the + frames(+3/+4 on block) . Also note that the key point in which you are + over you opponents in terms of frames, in those situations you can either continue with to apply pressure looking for a counter hit, tech throw, or finish with a blocked special then FADC into either throw or continue the pressure. :rock:

I personally like to use>c.lp>c.hp>>>throw/c.hp/overhead… etc. along with using in my strings to allow for more 50/50s.

Heres a few things I’ve been using and have seen an increase in my wins recently

I use f+mp to test the waters, it has a pretty nice hitbox and moves forward, plus is +6 on so abuse it.
Also is useful during b.strings, but is-3 on hit. Its good to check people if they’re pressing buttons but be sure to follow by blocking.
Lk is also safe and fast, plus will be “god-like” 3 framer in AE. I use OS into MK.RK to get people off you or into a corner, plus in it seems to stuff a lot of things ground wise.

Under pressure, I charge a zonk( just in case) and then try to anticipate a jump, this can change the momentum significantly.

When they jump, use either -> ( get people all the time + reverses momentum), s.HK if they’re far enough (Zone), s/c. HP, but both have a lot of startup so hit early.
Also I like to use the slide, its a very good AA, but can also go under the opponent which is good for throws.
Jumping Lk also works well, follow with b.string or throw.

Also if you getting reversal’d by a lot of wakeup characters, try backing off and use your rocks.
I use l/m rocks on a un-teched wakeup, follow with either lk.rk or overhead depending on how they block. Also use fake stones, but just far enough away to bait attacks(I’ve been ultra punished many times from just lame wakeup ultras cuz I’m not spaced enough :sweat:) or look for blocking. I personally like to waste a meter and ex. rocks them on wakeup becuz it give a significant amount of block stun so you can follow up with w/e you wish, plus allows for many Cody victories

Practice your anti-air reactions. I swear I get like free 400-600 damage per match vs the average random online opponent just from AA’ing (usually b+mp for close jumps and slide for far jumps). F+mp, slide, and f+hk are good for advancing without jumping. Remember the back throw safe jump setup and abuse it combined with option selects. Go into training mode and practice against matchups that give you problems (record the moves/strings that trouble you). Hope this helps some.