Watzup ya’ll. got some work i just did tell me watchall think.:cool:

More mouse goodness eh?

I really like the morrigan pic. Ever heard of Falcoon? Your style reminds of his. Queen bee looks good too. Keep them coming!

EDIT: I meant to comment on the ruffles on Queen Bee. Nice touch

Thanx deonysios. and yeah i know who falcoon is, hes my favorite artist.

who’s this falcoon guy? i really like ur morrigan, q bee looks cool but for some reason i dont like it as much i think its her skin tone a little too purple- ish

again good stuff :slight_smile:

Who is Falcoon you ask?

that’s his website. Click on Gallery and scroll down the list. Most of it is jibberish unless your comp can read Jap text. Anyway, find one that has an underlined text at the end of it and click on it.

This dude is bad ass. His anatomy is a little overexeggerated but it works, it works well.

Oh and there are quite a number of nudes in thier so if your in a family room or something try to control your urges :lol:

wow dude those colors are great, and YES they really remind me of falcoon’s. The mouse is really holding you back though, you should really ink your drawings and scan it in, just use the mouse to color.

If you wanna see some pics i’ve scanned in you should check out my original characters post, Novastar Premiers.:cool:
Thanx for your compliment.

Here’s a tip regarding Falcoon:

If you’re gonna study drawing by copying Falcoon’s art, study bodies. His bodies are great. But I’d stay as far away from his style of faces as possible. it’s horrid.

This stuff is pretty good though, but I’d suggest more work on the bodies.