Nova's Matchups

Dorm question, If i Speed Tackle super through a Stalking Flare, Dorm blocks and i ride back away to full screen, the Flare is deactivated even though it stays on screen right? Do i have to actually pass through the ball for it to work? Don’t have access to the game right now so can’t test.

Nope, you gotta connect with a clean hit on him, not a block. As long as the flare is on-screen it has active frames unlike Trish or Vergil’s Round Trip, for instance.
That said I think an on reaction level 3 Gravimetric Bastard will go right through… but I don’t have access right now either so I can’t be sure.

Nonono, you misunderstand, Nova’s Speed Tackle isn’t just projectile invincible, it deactivates projectiles. If you manage to get a pre-emptive one through a beam, you can aim it to the floor without it actually hitting and literally just walk through the rest of the beam for a punish. I’m 90% sure it will work like that with Flare, i just need to know if you have to intersect the Flare for that to be the case in this scenario.

Reaction Speed Tackle punishes by the way. I just got the idea from watching Yoshi vs Champ from FFF, and even when Champ put out a Flare while Yoshi’s Chris was locked down, he was still able to activate grenade super once he came out of blockstun and the first grenade completely obliterates the Flare, got me thinking if i can do something similar.

Also if the Flare stays on screen deactivated that’s totally badass because i can lure it right over Dorm and use it for complete cover so he can’t see my mixups for shit.

This might be a noob question but how would u deal with dive kick(wolverine) missiles

Usual Wolverine tactic…get as much space as you can in the beginning and control it with shields and javelins…as for missiles, you either gunna have to snap in Doom or snipe him with a super when you hear/see/read it

SOOO…I played a nice set with some friends yesterday and realized something I was never doing against Doom missles assist…you can jump up in the air and throw an H pulse at the right position to catch the missiles as they come down. This was helping me A LOT against MorriDoom.

Only problem being a non red health pulse will let one missile get through. Not the end of the world (and still better than nothing), but you have to make sure you know that.

You can do the same thing with Vajra assist.

That’s probably a non-issue though, as you’ll be getting chipped by Morrigan’s bullet hell most likely.

Definitely need to try this. Sounds like crazy tech.

And for Strider, not sure if it’s just my friend’s bad assist calls, but jC beats out Strider’s Vajra I think.

Gravimetric Blaster will catch Strider pre and post teleport as well. There’s a lot of ways to punish him, you just need to be in the right place and not in block/hit-stun.

Any Dark Pheonix advice? All I do right now is randomly do the takedown hyper and try to cross her up.

Don’t choke. LMAO…na tbh, that’s all I got. I just treat her like another teleport character…damn my advice sucks lmao…I feel like most people get this panic mode and forget she’s just another character like everyone else and put themselves in this kind of “I HAVE TO KILL HER” position. Concentrate and don’t start smashing your mental panic button.

On the more helpful side, I remember someone posted a combo video a while back for Nova and the end was a combo that used the armor on H rush to eat her blast when she goes dark.

I completely agree with the general advice to not panic, that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Phoenix is interesting because even though she’s always stuck in the same slot, people play her pretty differently. If you’re playing someone in a long set, it’s not a bad idea to just play the first few matches out without snapping or using tech just to see how they react. Also, gauge their skill and see if you can kill their first two characters without snapping in Phoenix. If not, you’re gonna need some good snap-in mixups to take care of her. She has a lot of movement options and an invincible air super, so she’s kind of slippery on incoming. Best thing to do is have a meaty H pulse ready at normal jump height combined with a lockdown assist like Jam Session, then mix her up. Throws are always good though Phoenix’s throw range rivals Nova’s. However if your opponent is a nut they might throw out Phoenix Rage no matter how much meter they have, so just be careful about that.

As for Dark Phoenix, well, you either have to smartly guess/time a Speed Tackle or Cent Rush H, or guess on a teleport with Super Nova. If she has no meter. It’s an annoying fight but I think Nova has more options against her than most characters.

Nova shits on Phoenix. Both regular and dark. Nova has such great incoming mixup that snapping her in makes the Phoenix player real nervous. If she does manage to turn Dark, like Disco mentioned Speed Tackle and Cent Rush H are both great to use. Cent Rush H will beat out her mashing cr.L. Best strategy IMO though is spamming Speed Tackle and going for cross ups. Once Speed Tackle crosses up, you can x-factor and go for a full combo. If you’re already x-factored, it’s even easier to confirm and if you’re lvl 3 x-factor, you’ll kill her with 2 hits from Speed Tackle. I still recommend snapping her in and just getting rid of her early on, unless you have one of the true Phoenix killers. Like Strider :3

I would love to know how Nova can deal with Zero. I play my friend’s Zero a lot and it feels like all Nova can do is dash/block and wait until Zero release his buster and then (air dash forward if needed) grab him. Or force him to tech a grab somehow and make him fall into an assist so you can mix him up, hopefully kill him in the process.

But then again it could be my team being bad against Zero with Disruptor assist, since I only have Jam Session and Cold Star, which makes getting in almost impossible because Zero have so much more screen control, whereas Nova has nothing unless he use his red life, and Disruptor can snipe whatever Nova can do.

**Zero **

I fortunately have A LOT of experience in this matchup due to the fact that Florida is the land of Zeros. Everyone fucking plays Zero here. Just in SFL we have Tayson and Flocker who’s probably the best Zero in the world atm. Nova, thankfully, does fine in the matchup. Depending on what assists you use too, the matchup changes.

  1. Don’t blindly airdash j.H. It’s the same concept from the Dante matchup. Yes, you need to to j.H in this matchup, but if you’re mad obvious with it Zero can anti-air you very cleanly with launch, buster, j.H, etc. Try to airdash in without throwing j.H or wavedash in. You’ll get buster’d immediately if they see you coming. Having said that, j.H is fucking godlike in this matchup just because once it’s active it can actually beat out a lot of Zero’s options. Try to airdash j.H when he throws a hadangeki or if he’s pressuring you from close distance. Superjump airdash down j.H is really great since it’s kinda difficult to see which side you’re on and if it’s active j.H is hard to fuck with. It’s pretty great. Just don’t get antiair’d on the startup of j.H.

  2. Try not to whiff anything. Make every attack count. Any whiffed normal is easily whiff punished with Buster which leads into a full combo and possibly the game. Zero’s broken.

  3. Get him to use his Buster. Zero is much less dangerous if his Buster isn’t charged. He can’t whiff punish you as easy and he can’t cleanly fuck with j.H.
    Put a pulse and get him to shoot his Buster to clear it. Once he’s without buster. It’s time to fight him. Once he charges completely again, you need to be more careful and restart your neutral game.

  4. Use your Cent Rushes with an assist to lock him down. He can’t fuck with these either if he doesn’t have buster. Once he’s blocking your assist, you can overhead the shit out of him. Small bodies are even easier to cross up overhead. Tap dance on the maverick’s head. You’ll open him up for free.

  5. Learn to punish buster+lightning. Anytime Zero does lightning and shoots a buster, keep in mind he might cancel the buster into lightning. Once you see him start another lightning, throw out st.M. It antiair’s him really clean and you get a full combo. That shit isn’t safe. Don’t let him get away with it.

  6. Challenge him at the start of the round. Don’t put yourself in the fucking corner where Zero wants you. Nova fucking rocks at the start of the round and rivals even Magneto IMO. You can’t really challenge Wolverine, Trish, Taskmaster, or Hulk, but Zero you can. If he likes to stay on the ground. Mash back+H at the start while holding forward until the countdown ends. If he techs it, take notice of what he does. If he does st.H, next time he breaks a ground throw, do cr.L. It’ll beat the startup. If he does cr.L, don’t fuck with him. If he likes to hold forward and j.H at the start, you can actually airgrab him the minute it whiffs. The start of the round is all about seeing what your opponent normally does and punishing him for it. Oh, he always j.H’s? Airgrab him. He puts himself into the corner? Great. You like him there.

  7. Stay mobile. Zero can’t touch you if you’re avoiding all of his assists+mixups. Learn to wavedash backward+forward and stay fucking mobile. Get him to block and mix him up.

  8. Gravimetric Pulses are pretty good here. His pulses actually go through his hadangeki’s. If you have lvl 3 pulse and he’s staying on the ground and throwing fireballs; get within range and when you think he’s going to call an assist throw it out. It’ll go through hadangeki and stagger both Zero and the assist call leading to a happy birthday and possibly the win. If he’s in the air throwing lightning? Same thing. Pulse him out of the air when you’re range. Lvl 2 Grav Pulse causes him to soft knockdown for an easy confirm with st.L.

Just watch out for buster. Learn to block his cross up buster bullshit, lightning, and air throw him whenever you have a chance. Also, work on delaying the j.H’s with the fly loops. If you do them too fast, you’ll whiff j.S. Practice your combos on him. Zero shits on half the cast, but Nova can actually fight him.

Overall: 5-5 matchup. IMO.

Wow, Nemo made this match looks free in Nova’s favor. A lot of pointers to take from how he plays.

Awesome coincidence: Freida (Zero/Dante/Mags) played a FT10 against Nemo (Nova/Strange/Spencer) last night:

Good footage of the Nova/Zero match, especially since Zero w/Disruptor was giving you problems. You’ll see a lot of what Marv was talking about (use of j.H, making attacks count, baiting buster), and also good use of the shield at regular jump height, cordoning off a space of the screen Zero likes to approach from. Nemo’s also got interesting use of Nova Strike from full and midscreen, but that’s not matchup-specific (he hit me with it a lot). Also for what it’s worth, he gets hit by a Zero incoming mixup maybe once or twice in the whole set.

edit: too slow!

I don’t have anything like bolts to fish for random hits to kill Zero though :frowning: Weasel shot is not the anwser. And it looks like to me you got to have defense like Nemo to even stand a chance against Zero.

Last night I realized Zero is a zillion times easier with Vajra. I need to pick up that stupid character already.

Any tips for Nova vs. Nova? That is the match I hate the most. Seems like who is better at OS j.H wins the match. I usually try to get Grav Pulse H to stop the guy or try to go above him and assist + j. S him.

I think assist + j. S needs to be abuse more. It can stuff just about anything. I make Wolverines and Zeros respect my Nova with it.