Nova vs Zero/Dante 2015 Meta

I know there lies a matchup thread, but I feel there needs to be a specific thread for this particular matchup since the meta has changed alot. imo this is the 2nd hardest matchup for a point Nova to win for the following reasons:

  1. Zero can buster any horizontal assist you call to counter Jam Session. If you speed tackle buster, he can safely Sogenmu and you’ve just burned a bar for no reason and he now has major advantage(ie: You have to wait for an assist call and he gets free pressure/unbockable setups)
  2. Any vertical assist that would be of little use to Nova to pick off Zero cause jam session (ie Strider)
  3. He basically can back you into the corner unless you do something unsafe to get out and get lucky (Box dash gets duffed, Super Jump down makes you come into a mixup). Nova’s ground game and movement become extremely limited because jam session cuts off your screen. Pulse doesn’t work cause Buster/Assist eats it, and Zero laughs when you throw a javelin.
  4. He does not care if you rush in because his normals are stupid. Nova’s Stand jab whiffs, which means you are left with the rest of nova’s normals which all lose. Instant overhead here might be of use, but in a set it doesn’t work more than a couple of times.
  5. You’re “turn” comes in the form of two things: Zero doesn’t have buster AND Dante has been called. You have the smallest of windows to engage and still deal with Zero as a character. Not cool.
  6. Human Rocket punish when Zero does Zero things in the air is viable, but you have to burn X Factor just to kill. Human rocket on the ground(Fleek Tackles) have been pretty much figured out in the meta when it comes to trying to cross Zero up on the ground (They all just jump). If you’re dealing with a Zero May Cry team, that means you’ve just burnt Xfactor against Vergil Dante. GL with that.

So I’ve just given all the reason why it doesn’t work, but I’m more interested in is seeing how it CAN work. Yes, of course you can punish Zero when he does unsafe things (Teleport, Whiffed lightning loops, bad level play)…but what I’m more interested is INTELLIGENTLY outplaying this shell. I’ve got a couple of thoughts, but I do want to here what y’all think. Marvelo, I’m looking at you buddy :slight_smile: