Nova Training Regimen

Just wondering if you guys have specific training regimens for keeping your centurion skills up to snuff.<div>I’ve developed one recently (and ones for my other characters) that goes like this:</div><div><br></div><div>*Practice LM/MH plink dashing 5 mins</div><div>*Basic motions 1-2 mins</div><div>*Instant overhead drilling, try to get 10 in a row without whiffing H or getting an ADDF/B air dash</div><div>*BNB combos 25-30 mins</div><div>*Confirms, eg using anti-air Cent Rush L with and without assists, 10 mins</div><div>*Practice hard tag combos and confirms, 10ish mins</div><div>*Resets with and without assists 15 mins</div><div>*Incoming mixups (ADDF, ADF with Beam or Cold Star, solo mixup with ADD delay, etc.) 10 mins</div><div>*Freestyle, try to come up with new combos or setups, however long I feel like</div><div><br></div><div>I’m gonna try to incorporate Nova TAC practice and Grav Pulse confirms from now on.<br>How about you guys? Top player input would be especially appreciated!</div>

I have short attention span<div><br></div><div>For me it’s</div><div><br></div><div>1 min of wavedashing</div><div>1 min of combos</div><div>1 min of neutral game</div><div><br></div><div>then get bopped by people 5-0</div>

Great thread i’ll do one rep of plinking back and forth, one rep of wavedashing back and forth. And coming up with new incoming mixups.

Nova training regiment:

Wavedashing back and forward- 2 minutes
Wavedash forward, instant overhead twice, wavedash backwards- 5 times
Solo BNBs (H Loop, Basic Fly, Corner to Corner, etc.)- 5 times in a row each combo
Combos with assist- 5 times in a row until completed
Team combos-5 times in a row
Confirms into combos- Practice each scenario you remember or need to work on and hit it 3 times in a row
Incomings- 5 minutes
Misc (Practice some scenarios and find some shit out)- 10-20 minutes

Should be a total (if you do everything correct in a row with very little mistakes) 50 minutes to an hour.

During the misc. part, a nigga can get inspired and end up doing more than what I need to do lol, but this is my ideal regiment. This way, you have enough time to practice your other characters and probably only have like 3 hours of practice (if needed).

Right now i do.

  • IAD j.L until i get it 10 times in a row.
  • Put Dummy on block all, random pushblock. Practice reacting to pushblock with dash forward IAD j.L (If i react correctly and miss an IAD j.L, go back to step 1)
  • Put Dummy on jump, block all, random pushblock, Practice reacting to pushblock with Guard Break airthrow or dash forward st.A
  • TAC infinite until 2 cycles of up, down, side (7 reps each) without missing.

Basically, i don’t practice stuff that i feel i have down pat like BnBs etc, because in my mind, the only thing that can happen is that i mess a couple up and lose confidence in them. I pretty much just focus on the stuff that i know i need to add/improve.

That whole cycle usually takes about 30 minutes or so depending on how i am on the infinite that day, which i do when i first turn the game on, then i turn on fight request and just freestyle setups, bnbs, incoming etc.

I know it’s not exactly a training regimen but mine is a mishmash of things from wavedashing via LMH ~ down and plinking, to overheads and BnB’s depending on screen location. I never really have a set regimen, just whatever my ADD ass can manage to practice. :frowning:

For the most part right now, I’ve really just been working on the corner TAC; and when I can do it 95% without dropping, move on to midscreen TACs. Thankfully I realized why I couldn’t do the input nullification stuff and corrected it because that shit just made doing the infinite easy.

yeah I’m around Sottle’s regimen. My execution is pretty solid so I don’t really spend too much time on BnBs. Maybe I just do up to half of the combo to see if I’m like…warmed up or whatever.

I spend more of my time now on concept and certain little character kinks. I work on plink dashing, add L stuff, some blockstrings and good pressure. I work on some weird confirms because I use missiles on my team, so I spend a little bit of time trying to optimize my combos off of air to air missiles confirms or even on the ground, or if Taskmaster arrows catch them.

Had this game for 6 days and still can’t land this shit consistantly -__-

I couldn’t do flight combos consistently for the first few months I played this game, give it time.

just keep at it bro, don’t get frustrated. everyone has their points where this stuff seems hard at first.

Still training,looks like I’m stuck with nova till I can land the BnB consistently, don’t even want to know how long taskmasters is going to take -_-.

Taskmaster’s will take some time, especially if you’re going for the optimized(?) stuff with the jumping Aim Master M relaunch. The tradeoff of course is that unlike Nova’s BNB, it’s actually really fun.

I have Nova’s BnB down, as all i do is train with him in training mode practicing that same BnB over and over again. So what do I do next?

I saw your post in the Saikyo forum and it sounds like right now you need to watch people play more than anything. When I started playing the game, I felt kind of lost as to how to start an offense or structure a match, but after months of watching streams and youtube videos and most importantly really paying attention things started to pay off mentally. Playing and grinding actual matches is probably more important in the long run, but if you’re feeling frustrated just trying to get a hit right now, watching others play will help a lot.

In the meantime utilize training mode with bits and pieces of the regimens above. Combos are important but also work on moving with Nova, make sure you can wave and plink-dash on command, work on familiarizing yourself with his air-dash arcs, how to confirm off of various hits, practice incoming setups and how to do the instant overhead, etc.

It took me forever to make an account on here -_-, but any way; It looks like you are doing your inputs too fast. One thing that helped when I was learning Novas combos was to really slow down my inputs. IMO he is like a shade faster than hulk as far as inputting commands.

My Nova/Team Overall practice method.

  1. Practice Plink Dashing forward and backward for about 5 minutes.
  2. Practice instance overhead for with the cross-up and non-cross up. 3-5mins
  3. Practice continuous pressure with instant overhead by setting CPU to push-block. 3-5mins
  4. Practice all TAC’s combo in the corner from up,down,side, and middle of the screen 5-10 mins
  5. Practice BNB with Nova and the whole team (Dorm/Doom) 5-10 Mins as well as flight combos.
  6. Finally… Leave 15-30 minutes experimenting different hit confirms at different heights and such. Try to find something new as well as looking for new corner set-ups with Nova and my team.
  7. used to practice infinites… Not anymore cause all I need is Doom’s infinite lol
  8. Practice hit confirms from Human Rocket Super, Practice on how to control the super properly to be effective with this super.
  9. Test Damage output of Nova’s in X-factor lvl 2 and 3 incase he is the last character alive. Also figure out solo set-ups for the character in X-factor.

Overall… Just continue to practice consistency in all aspects of the character as well as develop new situations or types of hit confirms from different moves.