I wanted to learn Spencer, so I found that him and Nova worked very well on a team, but the problem is, I dont know who to put in the 3rd spot. I cant play hawkeye, taskmaster, sentinel, I have a decent akuma, my vergil is better on point, but I dont want to play him. I need help with two things. How do I get in with spencer, because nova and a fullscreen assist with the overhead works well, but I cant produce the same results with spencer, I would be lucky to get a basic combo off (I just learned my first combo yesterday) with him. The second thing, is who else works as an anchor. And as an assist, which character would produce some decent results, or should I just pick hawkeye or akuma or something and learn the crap out of these characters?

You’ll want to refer to the <a href="Power of Who? - The new Nova Team Building Thread building thread</a> for questions like this. There’s a lot of info in there about who to put on that shell. In short, Strange and Doom are probably the best, while Hawkeye and Taskmaster are also pretty good.