Nova/Spencer/Doom Hard Tag Help

(posting this in Doom, Spencer, and this board, sorry if you see the thread a bunch)

Hey guys, this is a very team specific question so I decided to not stick it in the combo section and maybe someone can help me out!

So Iv been really studying Coach Steve’s play, especially after watching him body Flux, and I had a few questions:

  1. I can only get 1 air rep after crumple > hard tag Doom > s.S - I have tried EVERY variation I could think of to keep hit stun decay down, like doing shorter flight combos with nova before the crumple, starting with j.L > j.M (one hit) > Foot - Footdive instead of the full 4 hit (2x) j.M > foot - footdive after the hard tag. But every time they flip out trying to start the second rep. And even then Iv tried doing s.H > s.S to OTG or s.M > f.H > SJC, and even s.M > s.S but nothing seems to work, they always flip out. Im so confused because coach steve seems to do whatever the fuck he wants and always gets the second OTG and air combo, even if he uses Novas heavy flight loops into crumple, he still gets full 4 hit j. M air combo TWICE. I started trying to do the combo faster and faster until buttons werent even coming out because I was hitting buttons TOO fast.

  2. The other question I had is, is there any way to get out of the spencer/plasma beam incoming? or is it just like a 50/50 every time like Zero’s lightning? Is Flux just not trying to block holding forward ever, or is the incoming just that cheap?

Thanks guys