Nova lock-in dec 13-14

One word comes to mind when I think about this weekend…Success!!!

We showcased SF4/TVC all night for everyone that cared enough to support our event!!!

Another thing I want to explain is the concept of this particular event…it is completely to expose the new wave of titles that is upon us…we will def have pictures up for everyone to see all the new faces coming out and showing interest in our scene…games played this weekend were…STHD/CVS2/3RD/MVC2/TVC/SF4/GGAC and last but not least L4D!!! lol

Again I cannot stress how grateful Perfect Sin, myself and Jet Phi are about the 50+ people we had at this event…I hope everyone that missed this gathering is encouraged and inspired to continue playing and helping play a role in the development of our scene on the east coast!!!

Oh and about the Chicken Match results…well the truth is we were not even 1/4 done and it was almost 6am…28 people played in it…14 per team

Team Captains were…Magneto Maniac and Smoke Master:

In the order they were picked…

Team 1

Magneto Maniac
Eric V
Justin Wong
BB hood
Nammy Nam
Spaceman Spiff

Team 2

Steve H
Eric Kim
Devil Jin
Rugal B
Joe O
Mike A

Epic Teams, just not enuff time to finish.

Again the focus was the exposure of the new games to our area…

In finale I would like to congratulate and thank Perfect Sin for helping Phi/myself throw the best Lock-In to date!!:woot::woot::woot::woot:

2009 is the rebirth of our scene…:lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin:

Take Care all!

PS We have alot of pics of the event and random momenta that will be up ASAP!

I pulled a prank on Marn at TGI fridays…the pics will tell all…ROFL


Thanks to PERFECT SIN for bringing out SF4 and organizing this event

Also thanks to Eric V and Phi for hosting the event

and thanks for everyone coming out to support the scene

man this event was so GODLIKE for a local

eric/perfect sin/jet phi - major big ups for hosting this, this one was like no other. veric/perfect sin, special good looks on the hookup, you know what i mean!!! i didn’t even realize i was laughing so loud til yall told me, i was in another dimension.

jwong - thanks for the ken help, and GGs at the end, that 4 special c viper combo you hit me at the end was insane, i wanted to learn some of her after that.

eric k - thanks to you too for guiding me in sf4, your execution and confirmation on combos is too nasty. i got that kimmicks jr ken!!

pat - you the fucking champ i don’t needa say more lol.

steve h - good shit taking me out in sf4 and ST, though i should have not used claw in sf4 but it was a good match :wink:

all sf4 players - thanks for coming out and letting me get games in with all the different players.

deviljin - your c viper played exactly like ibuki in sf4 it was real cool and funny at the same time.

BB hood - keep playing ryu i saw some nice shit during your streak.

smokemaster - GGs in ST, play more sf4!!

smoke master’s brother - your abel got a lot better by the end of the day, very nice shit.

rugal B - good shit coming out to this and staying, i can’t believe you don’t like sf4 that much lol.

again, thanks everyone who participated in the event and next time…i think we’ll have an easier way of actually finishing the chicken match instead of round robin. see yall next time!

srk wouldn’t let me edit so i gotta double post sorry, was going to type…

fiend edit: anyone who is going to play sf4 locally on weekends or wherever…philly or some other place hit me up, that sf4 is the definition of crack! scratches neck

:rofl:WOW!Is it just me but doesnt Eric V look like jesus?I mean, he does have godlike qualities.

Anywho, I wish I coulda made it there, guess I wasnt meant to go this time.Hope you guys push to have another one sometime when I’m livin in VA soon.

Ok first off I wanna thank everyone who came out this weekend, especially the new heads. This lock-in was made of the essence of win. Big ups to Perfect Sin for showcasing SFIV and(correct me if I’m wrong) J DuBB for bringing TvC, both which I didn’t play unless I had to. More focused on STHD that night then anything. GGs to everyone I played. I’ll go into specifics later. A very big thanks to EXIST and JetPhi for hosting this incredible event in NOVA. You two did a superb job organising this event and catering to your fellow gamers. Very much appreciated! Thanks to JWONG and Marn for coming out from afar to support our scene in NOVA. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Chicken Match. Even though it never got finished, it was still a great attempt to be able to form the would be winning team! Thanks to everyone who helped in organising and catering in this event! That was really cool for you all to take time out of gaming to actually help with this event. Thanks to you all! BBL to go into specifics!

Also, this guy got picked before JWong??

Sounds like a lot of fun, good stuff guy.

whoever picked justin had to lose 2 turns, so i wanted to get a well-rounded player before losing 2 picks.

i coulda used some food that morning though, we’re gonna have to run that again and finish it…maybe elimination style if there’s 5+ players.

sorry I couldnt make it out to this, my weekends are often busy now. Sounds like it was a blast, hope to see you all next time.

I would have been picked before u as well Ultra David…lol jk…we miss u bro…keep reppin hard in Cali…we will be out ur way early next year…c u then…

yo Exist…

will you guys ever do this again?

i wanted to come through to this but work owned me up :mad:

Heh yeah, you probably would. So, awesome, you guys are still planning on coming out? Got a date or anything?

Good shit.

just a heads up, no c3 tourney for december. happy holidays everyone

see everyone at the c3 tourney this weekend…