Nova as Anchor

Trying to come up with some new team ideas and I have a few that have Nova on anchor. Is Nova a viable anchor character?


My buddy Tayson plays him anchor. He’s viable. Go nuts.

All of his touches, even grabs/airgrabs/random cross up High Speed Tackle, will (or should) result in a dead opponent at level 3 XFactor. His damage and speed are just off the charts, it’s ridiculous. I’ve been running anchor Nova for a small while as I’m trying to practice Amaterasu (hence Ammy/Frank/Nova) and it can actually work relatively well.

He’s a really good anchor, but you have to go nuts with him. Trying to be calculated will only waste time. People are very scared of anchor Nova.

Is this salt?

Lol, no I’m serious. If I am up with him last I go Bananas.

Just spam H Rocket Punch and Speed Tackle. Trololol.

In all serious though, Nova’s incoming while x-factored is pretty fucking good since he’s so fast.

I assume high speed tackle is centurion rush (sorry don’t known nova lingo)

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High Speed Tackle is his Human Rocket Hyper, qcb. AA.

Ive ran Nova and anchor in previous teams and seriously you have to just go dumb with him on anchor. If you play him point or battery you have to be calculated, but on anchor, go HAM and go stupid. He’s so fast you eventually catch the opponent with something then just OTG into super and in most cases, the match will be over

He is pretty good as anchor, any hit or grab = death, and you can set up some kinda incoming mix ups with javelin n pulse shield

I’ve been blown up by many a Nova anchor. Go for it.

nova anchor is ass lol yall nutty

If you have to make a 3 character comeback with XF LV 3, personally I think only Dark Phoenix, Vergil, and a full metered Strider are better than Nova

Nova anchor is pretty good. He just provides no assists worth putting him in the back. Yall niggas don’t know.

Also, Strider doesn’t need meter. I’ll kill your whole team without even popping orbs.

Yeah people who think Strider depends on meter to make his xfactor comeback haven’t played a good strider ever. I remember watching a stream (I think it was WB8), hearing Skisonic say how Strider can’t comeback with x-factor if he has no meter and I almost spit my drink.

That’s Ski for you though.

I remember when Champ posted something tier-list related on facebook, there was a comment that said something along the lines of:

“fucken nova aint no legit char hes just for xfactor 3 scrub who need comeback mecanic”