[Nov 3, 2012] Guard Break Season 0 (Bakersfield, CA)

From Facebook (long day of teaching, not creative enough to come up with something clever):
Starting Saturday, November 3rd, Guard Break will be having Ranked Battles (RanBats) tournaments. This means that, every week, the top 5 winners of our tournaments will get awarded points. I will be refreshing the leaderboards after every tournament, so you all know where you are. This first season (dubbed Season 0) will be free to enter, and there will be (small, sorry) prizes at the end.

Even if you don’t think you will do well, I HIGHLY encourage you to participate. We WILL be streaming these tournaments, and we want everyone to know that the Bakersfield FGC is growing! The more people show up, the more impressive it will look and the more experience you will get. Perhaps we can even convince the Delano and Fresno guys to come down again! :wink:

As I said, Season 0 will be FREE. Pricing and prizes for Season 1 will be determined based on how well Season 0 goes. Season 1 will be starting in January 2013. Make sure you guys SPREAD THE WORD. Get as many of your friends to come as you can. I will try to have room for 4 set-ups. I would like to have RanBats for UMvC3, AE2012, and others, but that will be determined by participation. So tell your friends!

Since this tournament is held in my garage, I want to make sure not to give out my address at random. If you wish to participate in the tournament, or come to our casuals on Mondays and Fridays, text me at (661) 213-8150 and let me know how many are coming. Snacks and refreshments are sold to those who are hungry/thirsty.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/guardbreak
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GuardBreakBako
Donation: tinyurl.com/gbdonation