[Nov 3, 2012] DustBowl 5: TTT2/ UMVC3/ AE 2012 Pot bonus for tekken and... (Syracuse, NY 13290)

Upstate Fight and Play The Game Read The Story presents the 5th installment of the DustBowl Tournament series and the return of Tekken in the upstate area. Each Tournament has been better than the last and im blessed with all of the support and help from the upstate community.

Venue: Play The Game Read The Story
689 North Clinton St
Syracuse, NY 13290

Phone: 315-472-4263
$5 dollar venue fee
$10 per game

Tekken Tag 2: $ 200 pot bonus to first place!
A. best of 5 series
B. Winners/losers/grandfinals will be best of 5
C. Winner must keep same team
D. loser can change both character if need be
E. Pay out 70/20/10

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Prizes bonus TBA
A. Best of 5 series
B. Winners/Losers/ Grandfinals will be best of 5
C. Winner must keep team/ order/ assist
D. loser can change
E. Pay out 70 /20/ 10

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012
A. best of 3
B. Winners/ Losers/ Grandfinals will be best of 5
C. winner must keep character/ ultra
D. loser can change both
E. Pay out 70/ 20/ 10

House Rules:
its a family store , so please be somewhat respectful
pretty much thats it.

Tournament Rules:

  1. Bring your own shit
  2. Games will be played on Ps3
  3. Turn off all controllers after each set
  4. pressing the pause button will result in a round / character loser . doing it again will result in a match lost
  5. pressing the home button will result in a match lost , if u not playing when u do it… u will start your next set down 0-1

any questions contact me 315 885 8266

Sick. I’ll be away for school but will try my best to make it back for this.



cant wait for this!


been so long

going to be awesome seeing everyone and of course new players


…uhhh. well hopefully the smash players throw some money in the pot for he other games.


i thought i be nice… since dustbowl 1… i have added games that people liked … 3rd strike kof soul cal… its only fair

im not hating, just surprised is all. Then i remembered half of rochester plays smash:)

hmm who is playing persona 4?

a lot of Buffalo is playing it. At least 7 players.

thats good

no SCV? im not expecting much of a turnout for it, i think we only had 12 at last DB. but with lots of people playing Tag2, i figure there might be room for more 3D hype. im Valiant from Albany btw, i was the Aeon player in SCV. think i finished 4th or 5th?

like i posted in the facebook thread… IF the players can def get atleast 12 players 100% confirmed thats included me… i let u guys have SCV

hadnt seen that yet, i went to this before the FB page. hoping we can get more confirms

i’ll play you in calibur regardless of DB having a tourney or not! So practice up.

haha u can teach me how to play