[Nov 19, 2011] Xanadu Monthly November 19th 2011 (Baltimore MD)

Xanadu’s monthly tournament this, November 19th welcomes Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Coming off an impressive October monthly, this monthly will be sure to have lot’s of new faces and old. Lot’s of players from the DMV area will be in attendance so please come out and enjoy.

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd.
Baltimore Md. 21227

Facebook: www.facebook.com/xanadugames
Twitter: @xanadu_games

Stream: www.Twitch.tv/vgbootcamp

1PM: Signups
2PM: Prompt Start Time
Venue Fee: $10
Payouts: 60/30/10

This is Maryland’s Monthly for fighting games. All of the best players come to Xanadu to get better and to make our area stronger for all games. We will have old games and also the new ones.


$10 Games

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

SUPER Street Fighter 4 AE
System: PS3 [EVO Standard]

Street Fighter 3SOE
System: TBD by the community as it is no standard as of yet

$5 Games
Tekken 6: BR
System: PS3 [EVO Standard]

Melty Blood : AA
System: PS2

$2 Games
Arcana Heart 3

Guilty Gear: AC
System: PS2

Marvel VS Capcom 2


  • All games are best 2 of 3 matches. Winners/Losers Finals and up are 3 of 5.
  • SSF4, HD Remix, GG, and MB matches are best 2 of 3 rounds. T6 is 3 of 5.
  • Time for all games will be their American tournament standards. (No infinite time.)
  • In-game macros allowed
  • Winners must keep the same character for the next match; Losing player may switch.
  • HD Remix: Akuma is Banned.

Prizes will be rounded to closest dollar / five dollar amounts depending on pot size.

Lagless HD setups, plenty of food options, and the best competition in the area. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. See you there!

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd
Baltimore 21217

Guy gonna win this one

Need some of that Masters Foundation and Garcia Concern at this tourney…I’ll be back up in NOVA in time for this one

Hmm…Tekken 6…maybe I’ll enter this one if school doesn’t get in the way.

Ill be there for 3s as usually.

And o awesome UMVC3 will be out by then? I will probably get in on that sounds fun! :smiley:

I am going to go hard on umvc3 and street fighter need to put all I have learned to the test

I’ll be here, who wants to MM in UMVC3? No less than $10.

I’ll still MM in 3s if you are good on it.

If you even show up. xD

Good cali you need to show up. Haven’t played you in a min.


Yes, I need that practice for SB in mid-October… you feel me?

Good shit :rofl:

I’ll be there.

Richmond is also having a pretty big tournament on Strange Matter the same day and I just realized. xD

So… My question is… If you dont join in the tournament, is there casual play without the “stress” of a tournament? I have yet to actually play good people in person!

I still have yet to find anything local to the York, PA area!

ill be here for marvel… ST is probably a no go this tourney

Everyone is having a tournament this day. It’s the first weekend of ultimate marvel release. By default we have to run it this day also. Our store is still mainly a MTG store.

There will be casual play setups.


I’ll be there to get into Marvel and some AE.

Just a FYI, I had to move Richmonds tourney to Sunday, Nov 20th (I have a wedding to go to), so if you guys want two tourneys in one weekend, you can do it!

This should also free up a lot of people who wanted to do both.