[Nov 19, 2011] Elite Zone Monthly (Fayetteville, NC)

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

  1. Jabroni Kenshin
  2. Azn_Boy
  3. Smurvis
  4. xS A M U R A Ix
  5. Her0 of Tim3
  6. Knuckledust
  7. Lexity
  8. dwmiller

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. Corner-Trap
  2. xS A M U A R A Ix
  3. BlasianJ
  4. OJ
  5. GekidoNinja
  6. VicViper
  7. Raf
  8. dwmiller

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

  1. Knuckledust
  2. Face
  3. Ecko
  4. Corner-Trap
  5. Jabroni Kenshin
  6. Smokin Jo
  7. Orochi_Negro
  8. Done

Tekken 6

  1. Kou-D
  2. BGS
  3. Mizu
  4. Orochi_Negro
  5. 7thFonon
  6. RoboCurse
  7. Sofaking
  8. Ghostface-kHz

Arcana Heart 3

  1. 7thFonon
  2. purifyweirdsoul
  3. Longshot
  4. ShinsoBEAM!
  5. xS A M U R A Ix

*Round robin

From what I remember, the Arcana Heart 3 results were…

  1. 7thFonon
  2. Purifywierdsoul
  3. Longshot

*As for 4th place, it went to whoever won the set between x SAMURAI x and ShinsoBEAM… but I’m not 100% sure on who won…

Also, thanks again Will for helping us out at the tournament for Arcana.

Me and Aaron never played, I told him I forfeit so I could play marvel casuals lol.

I am a salt mine after what happened in marvel finals but I’ll try not to let it happen again in the future. Just need to respect doom when he’s above me and not drop my dante combos.

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys