[Nov 19, 2011] Arcade UFO's Shut Up and Jam! (Austin, TX)

Alright guys, get your hockey sticks ready 'cause it’s time to prepare for the next Arcade UFO event which happens to be Space Jam themed. Why? IT DOESN’T MATTER!!

Been sometime since we had a regional type event, so we’re glad to say that we are coming back at full force. Come join us to challenge the best in Texas, or just participate for fun. Who knows, you might be better than you really think you are, and placing higher than expected is always a fun thing to find out. In the end, you really got nothing to lose, just come up and play!

– Schedule and Games
Registration - (12:45 pm)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Singles (1:30 pm)
Street Fighter 4 AE - 2 v 2 Teams (3:30 pm)
Mortal Kombat 9 - Singles (8:00 pm)
Gundam vs Gundam NEXT - 2 v 2 Teams (9:30 pm)

Street Fighter 4 AE will be teams once again.
Not 100% on what set we will be going (Pokemon/KoF style, or SBO), but we will get to everyone on that shortly!

Since this is the week Ultimate Marvel 3 comes out, we’ve decided to add that to the line up, replacing the original/vanilla version of Marvel 3.

– Rules

  • Don’t use game breaking glitches that will cease the match to continue. Please try to avoid attempting these kind of bugs during a match or it will lead to a DQ.
  • Once you’ve selected a character, you must remain with that character until you have lost a match. During that time, you’re free to choice anyone else,or remain as the same character you originally selected.
    Please Note: This does not go for Street Fighter 4 AE Teams. Once you’ve selected your character, you must stay on that character of the remainder of the tournament.
  • Matches will be played best 2 out of 3, rounds set on 2 out of 3 as well (except for SF4 AE)
  • Brackets will be Double Elimination, so once you’ve lost your first set against your opponent, you’re still in the tournament but will be placed in the second/loser bracket. Once you’ve lost in that bracket, you’re out of the tournament.
  • Wireless controllers for the PS3 setups are banned.

– Prizes / Charges
Top 3 will be award cash prize as well as gaming UFO tokens. Prize pot will be split in 3 ways, the usual 70/20/10 + Tokens.

Venue fee - $2
Enter each game - $10
Remember, you only have to pay the Venue fee once. You must pay $10 for each game you choice to precipitate in. That money will go straight to the prize pot as reward to the top 3 winners.

– Places to eat or grab a snack
Right next door from UFO, there’s a place called Fricano’s Deli that serves quite possibly the best Deli Sandwiches you’ve ever tasted. Not only that, but right next to the Deli is a Convenient Store for all your snack and drink needs.

Best prepare for now and good luck to everyone that is entering! We always welcome new challengers.
If you got any questions, please post in here and we’ll reply shortly.



I’m definitely going to be there for Marvel.

Related music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RVa0Q_t0bI

More related: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0ZibwJmCOU

How many Vergils will we see? hahaha

Who the hell let pozer name the tournament again?

Look, our last, like what past 3 tournaments had awful, awful names.
I had to step in and fix this issue once again, but this time with a little help :slight_smile:

I think the name is beautiful :3

So to make the answer more clear about your stick working on the arcade UFO cabs, here is your answer.

Does your stick/controller work on a PS2 port?
If yes, then you can play Street Fighter AE with no issues.
SF AE uses PS2 ports

Does your stick/controller work on the PS3?
If yes, then you will not have any issues with Ultimate Marvel.
Ultimate Marvel is ran on a PS3… do the math.


If you’re brining a controller, make sure it’s not wireless.
Then it’s okay for you to bring it and compete in the tournament.

I think shut up and jam is pretty tits and if you don’t like it you can eat a bowl of dicks.

I was on the fence until I clicked the youtube link Pozer put up. That song is way too good.

so no ds3 controller even if its connected by usb?

Super arcade doing a UMvC3 tournament at the same time, now no one’s gonna watch. :<

Changed up some things, please read!

  • BlazBlue has been replaced with MK9
    The reason behind this is that we need the ship in our version of Blaz CS2 to get it updated to the latest version (Blaz EX). Sadly, Blaz EX will not make it in time for the tournament.

  • Ultimate Marvel 3 will start first, and at 1:30 (remember, we open the doors at 1:00 pm at UFO, may open earlier for easier registrations)

  • Still no official format on how teams will be done for SF4 AE.
    Any feed back on what you guys would prefer would be appreciated.

I prefer A plays A, B plays B, if A wins A plays B, etc etc.

Your math wizartry spell won’t work on me, you goblin!!

AE teams, same character teams or no

God I wish this tourney was $10 entry fee!!!

You guys should put this in the T.O. thread since you reserved the weekend there.

Way ahead of you Jan, by the way I fucking love the tournament name lol.


Posted in the Austin Topic about more feed back on the situation.

Anyways, same character teams? Yes or no? RESPOND!!

Entry fee, price of each game, WHATEVER.
People like $5 because more people enter, and it’s cheaper. But if more people demand $10, then we’ll do that.

So basically.

  • Same character teams?
  • Increase the price to enter each game up from $5 to 10?