[Nov 17, 2011] UMVC3 Stream The Arena at FNC Shop UMVC3 and SF4:AE Tournament #6 (West Islip NY)

Compete against some of Long Island’s top SF4 and MVC3 players at FNC Shop’s Bi-weekly tournament. Normally featuring - Long Island Joe, Golba, Domingo, Moons, Marv, Capcom’s Hero and other top competitors.

Games -
3rd Strike

Location and Time -
FNC Shop
795 Udall Rd
West Islip NY 11795

Sign ups start at 8PM tournament starts at 9PM.


$10 UMVC3
$10 venue fee
$5 Street fighter games.
All games on xbox 360.
Best 2 out of 3.
Losers and grand finals best 3 out of 5.
Bring your own joystick - no wireless controllers.
70/20/10 payout

Stream -
Stream presented to you by Deadly Bison Entertainment.


when is this normally?