[Nov 13, 2011] Souper Bowl Tournament for November (Lowell, MA)

[LEFT]Souper Bowl Tournament for November. So, I’ve heard that people think my brackets are rigged but they’re not talking to me about it. That’s fine. I’m getting shit for ‘rigged’ brackets and I still get shit for how I seed (from people who are seeded high, HA). I figure I’m going to get shit for whatever I do, so instead I’m doing random seeds. Everyone can watch me input the names and hit randomize. Talk to me if you have an issue.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]AE will be first at 2PM.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doors open at 11:30am[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SSFIV:AE Singles Registration at 1PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Starts at 2PM[/LEFT]

[LEFT]MVC3 Singles Registration at 4PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Starts at 5PM[/LEFT]

(side tournaments)
SFIII: 3SO Singles
MK9 Singles

[LEFT]- $5 venue fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- Bring your own controller and/or stick (Then keep an eye on it!)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]- Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- 2/3 rounds[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- Double Elimination[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Pot Distribution for all games:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st Prize: 60% of pot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd Prize: 30% of pot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd Prize: 10% of pot[/LEFT]

[LEFT]If you can bring a setup, you get the venue fee waived. If you can bring an XBOX please bring a CRT or lagless monitor, let me know! At the moment, we have some extra TVs, first come first serve.[/LEFT]

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Who thinks your brackets are rigged? If it bothers you that much you should just name those people instead of being as vague and non-confrontational as those heads are.

ill be there obviously. im extremely confrontational. so please no one talk to me. thank you. ha.

I’m not taking any advice from anyone because it’s all bad advice. really bad advice.

Ill be going to this, first tourney after my couple month break, im pretty pumped up.

as long as we arent enemies and missing something.

In there.

Can we have an MK side tournament, as usual? Also, MvC3 is actually going to be UMvC3, correct? It will have been out for almost two weeks by the time this tournament happens.

For what it’s worth, I don’t feel like your brackets are rigged, nor do I recall people saying anything like that. Random seeding might not stop people from complaining, but if you decide to go for it, then I hope it will.

Rigged random seeding. Your a little bitch Tom! I’m coming for ya!

Going to be in Alaska at the time this tournament is taking place, unfortunately. Hopefully someone else will be able to run MK. Have fun y’all.


I’ll be there with a setup for mvc and ae. if you already have extra tvs i wont bring my asus.

Happy to go again! It’s not gonna be ultimate? if so, awesome.

I put a u in the appropriate places. I was going to ask if we should change the date because of Fall River tourney sat and CT tourney being on the same day, but i guess no one else cares. So I don’t care!

:frowning: I just noticed the CT tourney being the day before and if thats cool could it be a week earlier maybe?

This. Fuckin speak up. Stop being a bitch about shit and say what you really have to say about people. Speaking for myself, if you have an issue with me say it to me rather than someone else. I might respect you a bit more.

Nah, sorry.

We could move it farther back, not forward.

I guess you’re calling me bitch. But we can fist fight if you want. bark bark, i’m not tough.

Well if youre the one whos got something to say about me then yeah I guess I would be calling you a bitch. Are you? Or are you being a wise ass cause you were being vague in the OP in reference to the rigged brackets and are actually referring to that. But if you want to keep a little witty feud going on the forums and be/pretend to be my friend in person we can keep doing that. meow meow, i’m not tough.

this depresses me to no end.

I am still hype for this tho.

also I want to see the owner of the souper bowl throw elbows again. REAL TALK.

I talked to Peter’s Dad tonight and he says the 20th and the 27th are “too late” and he’d explain to me later. So we’re doing this on the 13th. I know that’s two days before UMVC3 but oh well.

Craig, I have no idea what I’d have to say. Sorry I’m the bane of the scene.

EDIT: OH I just read your post in full. I’m talking about manny o you fucking insecure idiot. Christ, don’t fucking worry about the sf social scene so much.

And manny don’t bother coming to my rigged tournaments.

Anyways, the date is the 13th and the MVC3 again

Now that it’s on the 13th I can go! Huzzah!