[Nov 12, 2011] UCF x ROUND 1: THROWDOWN SATURDAYS (2v2 SSFIV:AE TOURNEY) (City of Industry, CA)

Ultimate Combo Finish (UCF) and Round 1 USA presents: THROWDOWN SATURDAYS**

Please support our new tournament group and participate in our 1st tournament which has been in process for over a year! This can eventually become a monthly event at Round 1, similar to the weekly Wednesday Night Fights, so come make it happen!

General Information:
Style: 2v2 team tournament
Venue: Round 1 @ Puente Hills Mall, 1600 S. Asuza Ave. Suite 285, City of Industry, CA 91748
Date: Saturday, November 12, 2011
Time: Starts at 12pm noon, should end around 6pm to 8pm (depending on amount of teams)

Teams: 2 player teams (open to both males and females, any age)
Cost: $20 dollar team buy-in entry fee (all goes towards the prize pot)
Since the tournament will be using the Vewlix SSFIV:AE cabinets, it will be pay to play, so refill your existing Round 1 card or get one for use in the tournament!
Prize Distribution: Cash prizes will be given out in 70-20-10 percent share with top 3 teams. Round 1 event coordinator M. Khieu will also be giving out prizes courtesy of the venue.

WE ARE LOOKING TO GET AT LEAST 16 TEAMS, WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO CAP AT 32 TEAMS! (This is our first tournament guys, so we have to see what we can handle first, so submit your applications as soon as you can! If we get flooded, we will accept the first 32 teams only)

Format: 2v2 teams, best 2 out of 3 rounds, best 2 out of 3 sets/matches.
Machines: Tournament will be using Round 1’s SSFIV:AE Vewlix cabinets, no consoles (sorry for pad-preferring players)

Rules: There will be a Winners and Losers bracket
[]Players must stick with their original chosen characters throughout the entire tourney!
]In a match, player 1 from Team A plays player 1 from Team B. Then player 2 from Team A plays player 2 from Team B. If one team wins both games, the match is over. If players from different teams win, then the winners of each of the previous two games play, and the winner of that game wins the match.
-As courtesy, do not wander off in the venue as you please. If you know you have a match coming up, please stay nearby and not have us have to hunt you down. If you do not show up after being called for your match after 5 minutes, you will be disqualified!

Venue Rules:
Round 1 is a place for families and friends! Please do your best and do not create a hostile environment! There will be security on-site, and if you do anything stupid that will warrant you to get kicked out, then you most certainly will. Please do not mash/bang on any machines, especially the SSFIV:AE ones, they are pricey!

-If you are in a registered team, please arrive at 11 am to check in! Better safe than sorry! Plus, you will have time to explore the venue! Maybe get in a game of bowling or two, or sing a song in Karaoke. haha.
-Spectators come in at any time you want!

WALK-IN SIGNUPS ARE WELCOME! Again we advise you to come in early, as we are aiming at a max 16 team tournament or a 32 team tournament, however many team spaces are available (nearest those 2 landmark numbers), once it reaches one of them that is all we will take in for competition!

If you look at the flyer below, you can see 2 emails, 2 twitter accounts, and 2 facebook pages you can contact to sign-up. But to keep it easiest for organization, please send your sign-up inquiry to the official UCF email account: ultimatecombofinish@gmail.com
-Feel free to leave an inquiry with a reply to this post as well (along with any other comments, feedback)

-For each player**, **please provide your: Real Name, Nickname (ex: EG FloE), Address, Contact number, and of course, your TEAM NAME.

After we receive your sign-up, we will message/email you back asap to confirm and update you on anything going on with the tournament! It’s less than a month away, GET PRACTICING! See you soon!

-Team UCF

Please arrive like 1 hour early to be safe and check-in if you are a contestant!

“****Rules: There will be a Winners and Losers bracket
-Players can only change characters after a set/match loss. Winners cannot, but they change ULTRA.”

^^ Sounds like a rule for singles but if this is indeed intended for teams then that would be a first. If Mike Khieu (Suiken) is coordinating the tournament then I am sure this will run smoothly.

Same-character teams or no?

Thanks Keno for the correction! It will be team format everyone! Character lock, no same character you know the rules!

I can vouch and say nothing shady is going down, it’s simple tournament, so grab a team member and head out! Prizes, cash, hype lets go! I’m just trying to get more going for the community, this might be a monthly and with the help ucf I hope to keep this rolling for everyone. If you have any questions please post up or hit us up!

Thanks Keno and Mike for corrections! I have edited the rule set.

Hello UCF -

Congrats on securing a tournament at the great Round 1 Arcade. Suiken is good peoples so I know everyone will be taken care of :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex! Feels great receiving a greeting from a legend like you. Round 1 is a great frontier for these events and Mike Khieu has been a very gracious host to us since the very beginning! Hope we can collab with you and Level Up someday and hopefully you can make it out or even participate in our event!

If you have any more words of wisdom for us we will gladly take it, it would be very helpful!

This event sounds like it’s gonna be alot of fun i lvoe the format and the Venue Thanks for hitting up RoTb on facebook and Twitter we will surely be in attendance :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking of giving away some free prizes! hmm…maybe for anyone that joins the tournament? I know Marn is all over that lol

Most likely me and the great Skillhouse.

Good stuff man! We will see you there!

Do it! Take the title!


Get practicing!

looking forward to this!! now to practice on stick lol

we got a couple emails from teams! let’s keep the sign-ups coming!

Another team confirmed for the tournament! Less than two weeks away everyone! Find a partner and get practicing!

and yet another team confirmed! it’s coming down to the line!

It’s only a week away people and spots are filling fast! I have put some fresh new buttons aside for the tournament!

Dr. uppercut and exorcism. Team Mcrib.