Nothing for now

All current transactions complete

How much is shipping for 6 or 8 buttons? And are you selling the balltops?

whats you zip code?

How much for the blue seimitsu ball top to 91741?

balltops are sold

seimitsu buttons sold

How much is shipping to 60056?

updated shipping info

these are 30mm buttons, correct?


added stick

changed prices

PM sent for stick

How old are the red and black buttons and also the all black buttons?

the black and red buttons are about 2-3 months old and the black buttons are like new i had them in a stick for a few days and modded the stick and took the black buttons out


If only you had six of the red and black buttons. :frowning:

I could make another red and black one for you so it’ll be six

stick still available?

updated items