'Nother One Piece av

I love my current one and will reuse it sometime after(if this one gets made), but I would like a new one in commemoration of the 500th chapter. I would like either Luffy, Zoro, or Brook anything else, I leave up to you.

Please hook me up. Much obliged.:lovin:


Looks like I gotta catch up on dat One Piece! :confused:

Yup yup. Get on it.

I have no idea where to get new chapters from anymore T_T. After the
One Piece


Water 7

arc ended, I had no idea where to get the new shit. That’s not really a spoiler, but myeh - better safe than sorry.

Yeah, I don’t know what the hell that is.

But chances are when I read it I’ll be like, “Oh, epp1e mentioned this.” :confused:

There should be some images in the NEED HELP FINDING AN IMAGE thread. I requested some One Piece images when I first started getting it. I’ll find the link for you and update this post.

Edit: Here ya go. Thanks to Scissorman for that one.


You can find many other manga series there as well.

Beat me to it.

Thanks for that. Some of those I haven’t seen.