Not sure if he's trolling or

Ever seen players that have really silly playstyles with relatively high points?
I do and sometimes I can’t tell if he’s trolling or if its really his play style…

For example, I just played this Sagat. All he did was start fullscreen, walk/dash in then jump Roundhouse at me. He did sometimes throw a random TK instead of walking, but it never hit me… He had 4900bp-ish, for all that matters.(I beat him easily) I’m not sure if he got that many BPs with such a silly playstyle or if I got trolled though…

I know I’ve had similar situations pop up often, but off the top of my head, I can’t remember any other…

4900 bp is not that much.

Also, there is a possibility that hes just fucking with you and doesnt care about points. I dont get why everyone assumes 1 match = that persons top play. I do that all the time, I used to have 3k pp and 10k bp. But I fuck around with people and lose (that usually when im already salty lol) and I dont care. Sometimes I fuck with really shitty opponent and end up losing cause I got my shit together too late. Either way, its not the best I can play.

I have a feeling however, that you only played 1 match with the guy. Then probably didn’t play him again cause you wanted to end on a good note…
yea, dont do that.

I never assumed that was his regular play style, I just made the thread for silly games you end up playing where you can’t tell if people are trolling or being serious
I did play one game with him, but that’s because he didn’t rejoin me past that one game. (I kicked 2 people waiting for him to come back hoping he was going to play seriously) I’m aware that 4900bp isn’t really high, but for the play style he demonstrated, I figure it’s relatively high.

Ok, I get what your saying.

well, you dont lose that many point when you lose and are under 5k bp. So you could just grind out the wins, even with a retarded playstyle

I troll all the time online. It’s online.

When will you idiots learn that PP/BP on XBL/PSN is not a gauge for skill level.

Pretty much every single game in ranked against people below 3000 PP (this includes people with 2.5k PP + 10k BP etc) is random special spamming and never blocking on wakeup. I don’t really know how one can still be amazed by that?.?

I assume they are drunk, just like me