Not really a newbie but feel like one again

Hey guys, long time fighting game fan ranging from original Street Fighter all the way up to Ultra Street Fighter IV. I’ve never been all that great at fighting games (despite how much i love them) but know at least the basics for strategy and such, but after an injury to my right hand (I’m right handed) any skill I had in execution is almost nil now.

I suppose I’m just looking for advice from any of you on ways to get back into actually playing on any sort of decent level because as of now even basic BaB combos are hard for me to do. I’m more comfortable on pads than sticks, but would a stick maybe be easier to deal with lost dexterity? On pads I often times find myself hitting the wrong button by accident (because unfortunately I can’t always keep one finger stationary while I use another) or just have a severe lack of timing. Have any of you been through injuries you had to work through or re-learn to play?

Any advice would be helpful, even if it’s just to point me in the direction of a character that may not be as “taxing” on my limited dexterity than another.

I feel like a stick will be better if your fingers aren’t super dexterous, due to the buttons being bigger and easier to hit consistently. As far as characters, outside of 360 motions which you’d do with your left hand, grapplers are pretty light on button presses and combo necessity.