Not for sale at this moment

No longer for sale. Sorry.

1 namco sold.
2nd namco sold.
Brand New Flash1 sold.
Ps2 to Ps3 converter sold.
Sega Saturn Twin stick shooter sold.
1 namco sold.

bump updated post

man i hope my tax return gets here by 28th if not sooner. def need this on my VSHG

i know how u feel i to have one install on my vshg.

damn can you hold it till 28th for me i should have the $ by then probably sonner but def not later


Damn you meus!! I would have GLADLY bought this over the Ascii clone, lol

forgot to say i have shipped ur Ascii clone yesterday.

!!! If I waited … sigh* … wish you posted earlier …

let me guess u bought fujifilm yellow ascii stick if so nice man.

buy it and then sell ur clone :slight_smile: lol

gl on ur flash sale meus to bad i dont want 1 lol

that flash1 vshg looks beast but i dont like that white button

PM’d about a Namco!

My Goodness. The same price i paid for a used incomplete. Im very very pleased w/ mine, but damn! Very nice stuff for sale Meus, you make rarity of these kind of items, seem like they arent so!

lol, I think meus should just let me pay the difference on the Flash1 & I can RTS the Ascii :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t gotta wish him luck cuz I KNOW it’ll sell =)

Wow meus, great stuff you’re having for sale! I didn’t expect you to be selling another one of your Sanwa FLASH 1’s though; that’s unexpected! I’m jealous of whoever buys this; they get a FLASH 1 sticker! :lol:

is the flash still up for grabs? pls send pm if not, thank you!

1 namco sold and still looking thru pms that ppl pm me for the sanwa flash1

menus, I’ll take the sanwa for the asking price if still available.
Flash dust cover included?

It’s barely visible due to the glare from the camera flash, but the dust cover is indeed there right next to the joystick in the first image. Gotta squint a little to see it. :lol:

Ah, cool I see it now!! Thanks.