"Not bad, we should do this again sometime." --- Chun Training Thread (Ver 2.0)

What’s this thread about?
In an effort to aid aspiring and veteran Chun players who seek regular sessions amongst each other, I’ve decided it was best to reboot the previous “Chun Mentor/Apprentice thread”.

"There’s a bit more info detailed then before…"
You’ll note that additional information will be listed for those seeking players within the same region or other matchups beyond the Chun mirror.

Also, it would be great if those of us with Youtube channels could share their respective pages. I am sure that I don’t have everyone from the Fellowship on my list. If you do add me, please be sure to indicate that you’re from here with your forum name (thanks!)

"Eh, I am not very good / HA! I am so godlike!"
Please try to avoid making posts of self-depreciation (or boasting, for that matter) based upon your current skill level. Your PP/BP rank level do not need to be mentioned.

Try to keep in mind the following…
The goal here is to keep the Fellowship network active, though you’re welcome to always post your availability in the standard SSF4AE Matchmaking thread. As far as I am concerned, we’re all endeavoring to learn and develop our respective abilities further.

Naturally, if you’re posting in this thread – it’s already assumed that your main character is Chun.
(Feel free to just copy/paste my format when adding your info).

**XBL: **FNEX Bahn
**PSN: **No longer actively playing on PS3.
**Windows Live: **N/A
**Location: **East Coast (CT)
**Availability: **Evenings (varies between 6pm - 1am) and Weekends
**Alts: **Sakura, Guile, Rose, DeeJay and, Ryu
**Youtube Channel: **http://www.youtube.com/user/bahnism
**Goal: **To advance my fundamentals further with equally skilled (or better players). I am also always willing to aid dedicated aspiring players looking to gain more experience.

**XBL: **N/A
**PSN: **SnakeAes
**Windows Live: **psnSnakeAes
**Location: **West Coast (SoCal)
**Availability: **Evenings on Weekdays, any time during weekends
**Alts: **Juri, Akuma, Ken, Yang
**Youtube Channel: **http://www.youtube.com/user/psnsnakeaes
**Goal: **Improving footsies and option selects.

**XBL: **Rayartz
**PSN: **Rayartz
**Headset: **Yes!
**Location: **Indiana
**Alts: **Juri, Ibuki – though I rarely use them.
**Youtube Channel: **www.youtube.com/rayartz
**Goal: **Advancing fundamentals and execution, ultilizing the proper poke of the right situation. Above all understanding what I’m doing wrong in match ups and knowing how to beat the player and not just the character I’m facing. Which is truthfully my biggest issue. So I’m not really looking for mirror matches so much as I’m needing to face players familiar with Chun who use other characters and can help me understand what I’m doing wrong in a particular match up.

**XBL: **PM me for it (that’s not it that’s a request)
**PSN: **N/A
**Windows Live: **N/A
**Location: **North of England
**Availability: **Evenings (varies between 10pm - 2am) and Weekends (generally on between 8pm - LATE)
**Alts: **Sakura, Ibuki
**Youtube Channel: **http://www.youtube.com/user/WiiWh1ppet
**Goal: **To advance my fundamentals further specifically my spacing and optimum distances’ against the cast (god its bad at times). Learn to play a slower paced game and get better at certain match ups. Also to share what knowledge me or others may have with each other and to help or gain help from worse, better or equal skilled players

**XBL: **Powa1216
**Windows Live: **N/A
**Location: **East Coast (Toronto - Canada)
**Availability: **Everynight 10pm-1am EST, maybe I can log on as soon as 5pm if I have nothing to do after work
**Alts: **None!
**Youtube Channel: **http://www.youtube.com/user/powa (Don’t look, I haven’t upload anything of SFIV at all)
**Goal: **Been bottle necked on my ranking, need to learn alot of stuff to get me outta here. Anti-air is sorta my weakness.

XBL: [redacted]
**PSN: **n/a
**Windows Live: **n/a
**Location: **East Coast (PA)
**Availability: **MWF evenings, weekend afternoons and sometimes nights
**Alts: **Juri
**Youtube Channel: **n/a
**Goal: **Overall improvement/training with players that know the character well and can give constructive feedback on my play.

**XBL: **bluAsterisk
**PSN: **bluAsterisk (+Headset)
**Windows Live: **N/A
**Location: **Southern California
**Availability: **May vary now (PM me for AIM screen name)
**Alts: **Makoto, Yang (Could use some work)
**Youtube Channel: **http://www.youtube.com/user/darkhokage
**Goal: **To improve while giving out a helping hand.

hey blue your YT acc link is messed up btw

YOU’RE darkhokage lol. I never knew that.

Yeah I used to like Naruto 6 years ago haha

**XBL: **N/A
**PSN: **pelvic
**Windows Live: **Yes
**Location: **Republic of Ireland
**Availability: **7PM-Late (GMT/GMT+1)
**Alts: **Rose/Sakura
**Youtube Channel: **http://www.youtube.com/chiyohu
**Goal: Overall improvement and training with people who know about the characters I like. **

**XBL: I Ruu I
**PSN: **IRuu_(start playing on psn again in a week)
**Windows Live: I Ruu I
**Location: **Texas
Availability:everyday. evenings 3pm-3am
**Alts: **Ryu , Sagat
**Youtube Channel: **n/a
**Goal: **Overall improvement, helping others and hoping to play more solid players frequently

**XBL: **Meeks AU
**PSN: **N/A
**Windows Live: **N/A
**Location: **Sydney (Australia)
**Availability: **Early evenings 5-7pm
**Alts: **Ibuki, Makoto, Rose
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/crowtwig
**Goal: **Experiment more and trying to imbue Chun with some new techniques and strategies. Am always an open book when it comes to tips and advice.

**XBL: **N/A
**PSN: **nxsr
**Windows Live: **N/A
**Location: **San Diego, CA USA
Availability: usually mid to late afternoon
Alts: Yang, Honda
**Youtube Channel: **N/A
**Goal: **Developing fundamentals, defense, matchup knowledge, and playing the mid-screen ground game.

**Windows Live: **zapwater
**Location: **Austin, TX USA
Availability: mostly afternoons, some evenings
**Goal: **To develop fundamentals, footsies, & anti-air, and to gain experience playing different matchups

**XBL: **N/A
**PSN: **SunRedRX7
Headset: yes on PSN(I’m a talker)
**Windows Live: **SunRedRX7, Prefered over PSN
**Location: **Buffalo, NY USA
**Availability: **Tuesday-Thursday(varies between 6pm - 9pm) and Weekends. Usually playing endless with some buddies.
**Youtube Channel: **N/A
**Goal: **Need work on Anti-Crossup technology and anti-air.

Need some advice from mentors, got some improvement after someone trained me for a bit and I am at 6000BP now. Below are some video that I uploaded, wish some of you can give me advice on better improvement.


Try not to be so concerned with your BP advancement (or lack thereof) :slight_smile:

I recently played you at a friends house and from what I could see:

  • need more discipline to avoid jumping so much
  • focus on being more comfortable with all of Chun’s AA
  • try to avoid becoming obsessed with spamming cr. RH (it’s not safe on block)
  • avoid button mash tendencies (especially with EX Legs)

Fundamentals are key and there’s no need to be so anxious to get in 24/7, especially when the opponent is constantly keeping you out. Just gradually work your way in, identify what they’re meta-game is like – then focus on tendencies where they make mistakes/leave an opening. The ability to read you opponent is crucial – if you focus on just attacking them blindly without an established strategy which can dynamically adapt in-game, you’ll likely feel frustrated at your potential losses.

Set a goal when you play… like: for this match, I will work more on my AA, I’ll focus on hit-confirms, I’ll remain grounded the entire match, etc. This will help you to measure your fundamentals maturing – don’t just gauge progress on wins… especially in Ranked. That will not give you an accurate indication especially since many players are simply seen as “skilled” because they sit on ranked games 24/7 while there are plenty of other players who are good, but almost rarely give that mode the time of day. Endless battles with solid players is the way to go.

Seek out some of the players who’ve already posted on here if they’re local to your region (i.e. Meeks or Wii). Good luck.

(For future reference, please share any input you’d like on the Official Chun Video board so we can keep this thread specific to player data for sessions. Thanks)

[INDENT=1]Headset: not yet[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Location: Georgia, U.S.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Availability: Sporatic, mainly depends on my mood. but if i do play i usually put a fair amount of time in[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Alts: Dudley, been messing with Sakura[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]**Youtube Channel: **http://www.youtube.com/user/MisterAnnual (no chun vids yet)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Goal: Block better, learn matchups, use AA and air-to-air better, become more confident in my foot games.[/INDENT]

**XBL: **skreamz83
**PSN: **N/A
**Windows Live: **N/A
**Location: **London
**Availability: **Whenever. unless I’m at work, (no fixed time).
**Alts: **meh!
**Youtube Channel: **none yet.
**Goal: **To become a competitive chun player, stop being used as a ragdoll, learn to pressure.