Not Alot Active Users On This Site

now let me explain before you guys start bitching …im seeing post like months ago and 3 years ago but noting really recent at least not that much

best thread !

Fried Breakfast Tiers

S - Black pudding, Bacon
A - Sausage, French Toast, Saute Potatoes
B - Toast, Egg (fried or scrambled), baked beans
C - Mushrooms
F - Tomato

Your mum has a lot of active users…

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[quote=“ExposedD, post:2, topic:178813”]

best thread !


just answer the fucking question …dude a simple question i don’t care what you call me just answer not that hard

lol a man ask a simple question niggas cant even answer smh head …his site ego is more retarded than i thought

Not pancakes? You evil, evil European man.

Try mashing ctrl alt del on your keyboard.

Announcements == Stickies. Nobody reads stickies. This thread is in the wrong forum too.

Eh you guys fuck up pancakes anyway, thin ones with juice shit all over thick ones with syrup.

Bruh the fuck you posting this in here and not the SFV sub?


Hmm, so I have to go in that other thread about Pudding vs Jello and Jello can be Pudding but Pudding Can’t be Jello-

To learn about the S-Tier Rank

It better not be blood pudding, because, yeah. Fried pudding?! Well these threads have shown me “fried soup.”

Would you consider pancakes fried? Because they absolutely are pan fried!

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Yeah it’s the one with blood in it and it’s godlike.

I guess pancakes are fried but since the majority of GD seem to be American I figured you would think of the thick ones you put syrup on which aren’t even worth tiering for breakfast rather than the lovely thin ones.

alright please some get a mod a delete this post before i lose it lol