Not all JLF's are created equally...Stay a while and listen!

So here’s my story…

After getting really into SF4, I decided a fightpad wasn’t cutting it and bought myself a Hori FightStick 3. How was it you ask? Well… obviously it sucked. Hard. So I sold the stick online and purchased a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA, AND a Mad Catz Round 2 FightStick TE figuring I’d just keep the one I liked the most (and second hand sticks sell for almost brand new prices here in Australia).

After playing around with them both for a while, I decided I liked the HRAP3 SA more. I liked the size and shape of the Round 2 TE, but the actual stick seemed to have this weird “catch” or “dead space” when I would push it lightly in certain directions. It felt a bit odd and I figured it must be defective. The HRAP3 SA had no such problems.

Flash forward to the release of Super Street Fighter IV and the HYPE hit me again. As I play exclusively on my lap, I decided it was time to sell my HRAP3 SA and try the Mad Catz TE once again.
So I logged onto my megawebs, loaded up and blew my hard earned plonk on a brand spanking new MvC2 TE.
First impressions? I loved it. Stick felt great and I loved the layout. I noticed that although it had the same parts as my Hori and the Round 2, the stick felt less stiff and my gameplay with shoto command style characters improved.

However, I wasn’t as big a fan of the garish art (cool as hell, but definitely garish) and preferred the plain look of my HRAP3 SA. Figuring the stick was great and that my original Round 2 TE must have had a problem, I decided to order ANOTHER Mad Catz Round 2 TE and sell off the MvC2 TE.

The thing is, the stick on this feels just like my first Round 2 TE. It’s much stiffer than the MvC TE and has the EXACT SAME weird “dead space” thing that my original Round 2 had. Like, it feels as if its almost catching on something. When I move the stick from middle to right slowly, the first part of the movement isn’t particularly smooth. It isn’t a big deal, but seeing as the MvC2 TE doesn’t act like this, I can’t help but wonder why BOTH my Round 2’s have?

I feel like I’m going mad. Has anyone else noticed this kinda thing before? Hopefully someone here understands what I’m on about! ><

I suppose as a side note, how difficult would it be for me to change the stick from my MvC2 into the Round 2? I’m thinking I might just do that and put all this nonsense behind me.

Tl dr


As far as swapping them, shouldn’t be a big deal. Just pull the ball tops off, unbolt from the mount on the panel and switch.

So strange. So basically what he is saying is that there are good and bad JLF’s? :o

In that base, I should probably hold onto this MvC TE for dear life :slight_smile:

No what he is saying is, in mass manufacturing the same part might be slightly different. Just swap the sticks, it will take you like 20 mins. Or, play more. All the sticks need break in time. They will all losen up after use.
Protip: get better at the game and the slight difference in the stick won’t matter. Think of playing in the arcade, where the stick you get is the one that’s in the machine.

The JLF like any other stick is made with certain manufacturing tolerances in mind, so each is not exactly like another. The difference in feel though is probably down to the spring and maybe the switches. If it feels like the pivot quality itself, maybe it needs some grease. Try taking the spring from your Marvel TE’s JLF, and putting it another JLF. If that doesn’t change anything try swapping the TP-MA switch assembly. If that still doesn’t cut it just put everything back and swap the entire joystick.

In any case ordering some new JLFs or replacement parts is a lot cheaper than purchasing fully-assembled console sticks. :slight_smile: