Not a noob, just bad

About 6 months ago, I picked up SSFIVAE, after playing MK9 for a while. Then school and other games came along and I stopped playing seriously, maybe picking them up once every month for a little bit of play time. But, summer started recently and I’m ready to try again. After playing them both for a couple days, I’ve realized I’ve lost all my “skills” that I had in both of them. I can at least do a few combos in MK9, but in SSFIV, I am useless. I can’t combo, I can’t win and I can’t even do a whirlwind kick (and I’m even a bit shaky on a shoryuken) Not only that, but when I do “my skill level” on the matchmaking for SSFIV, I get wrecked. I can hardly play any characetr but Akuma, and I can only play him badly. How can I learn to better execute specials and combos?

Hit up training mode and practice, practice, PRACTICE.

If you’re having trouble doing a certain special move, try doing it 10 times in a row. If you mess up, start over until you do it 10 times. Then 20, then 30. Make sure you practice doing moves on both sides.

Yesterday I wrote this:

I feel the same. Do you play on PS3? We could practice together.

Xbox, unfortunately.

Add me KnighT aM if you want to run some games and practice.

I’m 14, almost 15, so I my vocie my be a bit high, just so you know. i’ll be sure to add you later today.

EDIT: Added

Don’t play online big big big mistake, see for one, a good chunk of the FGC are a bunch of assholes playing on low ranks combined with the shit matchmaking system you will never find anyone of your skill level that is worth fighting. To combat this you have to go into the training room and look up some bread and butter combos and practice those, after that well idk I haven’t gotten that far.

Actually sounds like you are a “noob”. If you can’t perform specials you still have much to learn about this game. That’a not bad at all but as soon as you admit that you can start improving your game.

If you struggle with combos and motions you should just hit training room until you feel confident enough that you can hold your own online. Don’t be scared of losing and focus instead on improving.