Northwest Indiana, anyone else here?

Seeing if there are any other SF players in the region. If so get at me, I’m a little bit outside Valparaiso.

I’m not from there but probably will be moving there one day since my fiance is from around there. If you want to play sometime I play on xbox. I take it there isn’t much of a scene there or at least pretty small.

Yeah theres not much of a scene here. Theres no arcades around here too my knowledge, the closest ones are in Chicago. But, I’d like to try and start a scene here.

+1. 40 minutes northeast of Valpo.

I mostly do netplay and just head to Chicago whenever there’s a tourney.

Yeah I mainly do netplay with a few of my buddies outside of the region. I would rather get something going locally though. I have a pretty decent chill spot for up to 4-5 people.

What video game are you trying to focus on?

I like Super and MK9, but I’m kind of bad at both.

I’m not sure if I would be welcome at any offline gatherings. :frowning:

I’m working on SSF4 also, havent tried MK9 yet. I’ve just started playing again for summer so im not too great myself.


I usually do netplay on weekdays, since it’s quick and convenient.

I’ll probably hop on the box this evening if you’d like to FT10 in Super.

Feel free to add.


Added, around what time do you think?

I’ll shoot for 6 CST.

Ok that sounds good. I also want to apologize in advance for how bad I am haha.

South Bend has a scene thats starting to pick up some steam.

i was born n raised in Gary but reside in Indianapolis. But I show a lot of support for NWI though

Yeah I saw there was a South Bend thread on these forums, but that’s just about the same distance as Chicago for me. I’d really like to get something going out here. Unfortunately I’m having great difficulties finding more players around here… despite how populated the region is.

What up…

The 2nd round of Marvel 3 matches captured from PowerUp 2011 are Live ! Make sure to hit up my YouTube page and check them out :slight_smile: and if your too lazy I got the links to all the new matches right here !

  1. [media=youtube]bQ3g4MGdmgQ[/media]

  2. [media=youtube]0Dl-jXaiavk[/media]

  3. [media=youtube]HFImb0mg6FU[/media]

  4. [media=youtube]zMy-HkAXdEw[/media]

  5. [media=youtube]vg5uXr_xgDk[/media]

  6. [media=youtube]iFNTCdmXpEs[/media]

Exciting news for all players in the Northwest Indiana and Southside of Chicago, we just placed two Arcade machines in Highland Gyro’s , a MvC2 cab and a SFIII:3s cab, both are $0.50 to play $0.25 a continue. 2220 45th St, Highland, IN 46322 hours of operation are 10am-9pm besides Sunday its 10am-8pm and we will be doing monthly tournaments soon, will keep updated.

Im in gary,in for truck driving. Anyone close that doesnt mind pickin me up to p lay some games? I main mvc2 but ill play other games as long as im not in the hotel all day

Well the hotel is saying hammond

Eyo, this is kind of late, but I’m in the Granger area, trying to find some people who have the games and maybe 2 sticks. Wouldn’t mind getting some offline practice either.