Northern MD

So I live in Carroll County and I have couple friends and we play fighting games so I am wondering if there is anyone else in or around Carroll County. My friend and I are thinking of trying to get some sort of regular fight night going and from a quick look around there is a new place that just opened recently really close by and there is also a place in the Westminster mall that might be a place to look about hosting them.

But before we get ahead of ourselves I just want to see who all lives around the area and/or would be interested in a fight night situated in Carroll County. For a point of reference I sit about 34 minutes away from Xanadu Games

College Park, MD here. Thinking about making a trip to Xanadu ourselves. Have you done so already?

I did make a trip a week or so ago. Didn’t get to play any USF4 as I chose the day when everyone was playing GGXrd. Though there were plenty of people there

Not sure how far away from York, PA you are. But we have a bi weekly get together. If you’re interested pm me as I don’t check the actual boards much.