Northern Indiana TF Players

Hello everyone. I am RPG SOul and I have been looking for people within the Northern Indiana areas to meet up and get the community going for TFs. My dream is to compete in professional tournaments, however without a community base, getting strong enough to do so is next to impossible. I live in Goshen, IN and I am will to travel to play and go to any tournaments. I am on PS3 right now under the GT XRPG_Soulxx, you may add me anytime. I am currently saving for an Xbox1 and do not have any fighting games right now because I want to establish a few people locally first and when I do I will pick up a copy of whatever is the most played. Please contact me here or on PSN if you are near to me and wish to get something started. Thanks :slight_smile:

I now have SSF4 AE, hit me up on PSN. XRPG_Soulxx, Northern Indiana and beyond, looking to level up. Warning: I am soooo rusty.


This is RPG Soul this is my new GT, hit me up on PSN Odd_Harold

Hello, how far are you from Rensselaer or even Lafayette? If you’re close to Indy or ft. Wayne, I believe that both groups have migrated to facebook pages. However, I’d still try a post in both main forums.