Northen California ST scene, we have a venue!

So near my house I found out that there was a game center, I checked it out and… Holy shit, this place is cool! The people there are chill, and the place is huge. I asked them about bringing stuff like ST Superguns, and they said that it’s totally fine for their freeplay days and tournaments! The place is called The Etrium in Union City, their website is The Etrium

If people are willing to come to Union City to play, we can have monthly ranbats here and whatnot. House fee is like 5 dollars for a full day of freeplay. They only have HD TVs though, so we’d have to scrounge and find CRTs. The good thing is that I could stream with my desktop, if I get a new stream cap hardware (which is easier now, friend can get me one for cheap)

If anyone is interested hit me up, and lets try to make this happen!


I looked at their website before and wasn’t really interested since they were only promoting new games. But if Mizuki says the place is legit and is willing to stream, I’d love to participate in a ranbat. Just get papasi and everyone else there and we’re good. :tup:

I’ll try to bring whoever I can. This is gonna be a hell of a year for Super Turbo.

Yeah, they only do new stuff in house, but they totally don’t mind people bringing stuff and running stuff there. All they ask for is to pay their 5 dollar house for for unlimited play for the day (and free wifi!)

Could you please ask if they can get like 2 TV’s? They are free or $10 a piece on craigslist …

Or we can get 2 for them and ask them to waive our fees the first time we go? :slight_smile:

You can tell them having TV’s will make their venue more attractive to other fg fans. I know a lot of people still play competitive games on ps2.

Not having to haul two TV’s to their site each time will make this much easier to happen like 100 times ^^

Monthly round robin ranbat?

Now I need to get another s-video encoder for the other supergun… gonna be a lot of work and I’m getting swamped recently. So much shit to do.

im down to come and take that ass whoopin like a champ

I’m down for this. Sounds like fun.

@papasi, alright I’ll shoot them an email

JROK encoder + sync cleaner ordered.

Hopefully they will agree and invest 2 TV there.

It’s been a week. Any news on this situation?

Hey, so I emailed them, and they’re willing to let us run things, they don’t have CRTs, I sent them an email awhile ago about donating some tvs and keeping them there for freeuse for people (including ourselves.) They haven’t gotten back to us. Don’t worry I will email you guys when I get a definite answer.

So… que pasa holmes?

I know this may be off-topic, but was there ST at Southtown arcade 3 days ago?

No, but it will probably happen next week.

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Okay, now you’re talkin’.