Northeast Texas - We keep it Piney (Updated 1st post 1/19/2014!)

I think it’s well overdue, Tyler has had it’s own thread for a while but I feel an expansion has been long since needed.

Tentative Meeting List (updated for 2014!):

East Texas Fight Club - every 2 - 3 months in Lindale @ Public Library. @mikeohara runs this tournament series and we have AE/Marvel! (Other games too!)

Non-SRK Discussion:
East Texas FGC Facebook Group - - (approval by myself or two others is needed to join the group)

Current Plans:
Evo 2014 Carpool - $250/person (excluding lodging/gambling in LV, you’re on your own for that.)
East Texas Fight Club V - March 8th date. $10 venue (waived if console and monitor is brought, $5 venue for either one), $5 per tourney.

Any one interested in persona?

I have Persona with me, but I’m not at home. I’m at my father-in-laws atm and my game consoles are at my mother’s. They’re coming with me up here when I take my semester break up here next week.

I’m in Shreveport… anyone like ST?

Sup Parry, how you been? I think I’m probably the only one here in the area who likes ST. Anywho, this thread didn’t take off … post in the Tyler thread, as everything regarding the Fight Club we have goes in there.<br><blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/4139/ParryPerson.">ParryPerson.</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>I’m in Shreveport… anyone like ST?</div>


Anyone else in a the smaller cities? I live in Henderson and only have one friend I can fight and more often than not, we don’t.

There’s a few people that play marvel/SF in Texarkana if you wanna drive a bit.

Hey guys, I live in Shreveport, and was wondering if anyone in your area has a CPS2/JAMMA setup?
I’m having issues with my CPS2 A or B board and need to rule out stuff but I don’t have any extra A or B boards, or monitors for that matter.
Just thought I’d as since my only option right now is buying another CPS2 A board even if that isn’t the problem just to rule it out! Thanks for reading!

I’m not fortunate enough to have a setup for CPS2 Parry … mainly because since I’ve graduated college, my spare income has literally dried up.

First post has been updated, this is now the official NETX thread!

Just sent my request for the facebook group. David Black.

Also here’s my PSN if anyone ever wants to play some Super IV.
I have a horrible connection but I haven’t had many issues playing online.

Next Fight Club is currently scheduled for June 14th (was originally the 7th, but making people decide between Fight Club and Curleh South) was kinda dumb. We’re hoping that Ultra is out then so we can have an actual tourney for it.