[North York, Toronto] Digicom internet cafe (P4A)

Hello Shoryuken. I’m a student working at an internet cafe and I actually want to look for people around North York who enjoys P4A to play together.

I liked to go A&C Games, but I have no time to go there, and sometimes there are no p4a players there… So I decided to write down this forum to invite P4A players into our internet cafe.

We open everyday from 9 am to 2 am (weekend: friday, saturday -> 9 ~ 6am) and one hour for one person is 4 dollar which is pretty expensive, and we have a huge monitor and a ps3/xbox360 to play.(mostly, we run this place for computer gamings : lol, dota2 etc…)

But since I’m working on this place, I can ask my boss to manage the price for fighting gamers for like 12 dollars for 6pm to 2am which we have a same plan for computers.

I love playing p4a but there is no where to find people to play with… online is too bad for me

The location is unit 27 180 steeles west, Thornhill, ON. You will easily find out our place if you see a pizza pizza store right beside us.

I like to collect people who are interested first before I actually ask to my boss for new console plan for fighting gamers.

summary :

  1. Look for P4A players near by North York or Thornhill.

  2. Store open hours, week : 9am ~ 2am, weekend 9am ~ 6am.

  3. Price : 4 dollar per hour, more than 3 ppl and 3 hours have discount. Might be changed or new plan will be come out up to how many players are coming.

  4. contact : gazekiel@gmail.com or 905-763-9652(business number, PLEASE Call thursday~sunday after 5pm to 12am since im working at that time. Look for Brian)

  5. I also play SF4 and KofXIII but im pretty sucky at all xD (Digicom owns P4A and Sf4 but not KOFXIII)

  6. Or, I just like to invite ppl to my house since i have ps3 and ok monitors to play =) If you like to just play games, please contact my email and lets play offline game together

thanks for reading, and sorry for bad format, I’m just an international student.

Hope i can find out some people who loves to play fighting games! Have a nice day