North Florida Bi-Weekly #8 Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and to all the people watching the stream!

SSFIV Results:

1: p0tent shell (Bison, Ken)
2: spektrum (Cammy)
3: Neo Magnus (Ryu, Balrog, Ken)
4: Brett
5: private j0ker
5: Mike C
7: Snot
7: BeastSPL
9: Jdizzle
9: Showgun
9: King Sun
9: LukenessMonster
13: Clyde Clash
13: Locate
13: Mr SKP


hey man, when you are going to bring your cheesy self up here for some real competition?! :slight_smile:

When time allows. After EVO definitely.

Win one Spek! We’re rooting for you.

man…i’m trying! it came down to the last match/last round.

i took her into the lab though and worked on some ways to escape the bison pressure! plus i worked on a nice little counter to bison cross-ups!