NORCAL Fuddruckers Tournament Results and Shoutouts 1/24/10

Sorry for the long delay on this. But here it goes.


  1. Team Always Bet on Black ( Mike Ross, Combofiend,Keno)
  2. Team Kapital (Marn, FlashM, Perfect Sin)
  3. The Good Kind ( Filipino Champ, John Choi, Ricky Ortiz)
  4. Team Dick in a box (Younglegend,Lamerboi,Hiro)
  5. Team Marvel Aint Dead (Tharimrattler, SeeJay, Crizzle)
  6. Team Koreahhhh ( Jack Masarap, 200yen, Eric Choi)
  7. Team You Bastard (Vance,LPN,Crackfiend)
  8. Team Giefcakes ( FutureChamp, CBK, Renofresh)

Tekken 6

  1. Bronson Tran
  2. Pat Savakul
  3. Pat B.
  4. Gary M.
  5. K30
  6. Charles Schwab
  7. Ricky Ortiz
  8. 200yen


  1. John Choi
  2. DGV
  3. Mongolorobocop

Vitto- Thank you so much for your help on running everything. I dont think people appreciate you enough on all the things you do to help and make this a succesful tournament.
Iplaywinner crew(Niedal, Mike, Jared)- You guys did an amazing job on running the stream, even though the internet sucked and cut out at times. Im glad you didnt give up and just kept trying to make things work.
Keno, Mike Ross, Combofiend- Thank you guys for coming out of town and joining all the tourneys this weekend. Watching you guys play first hand was really entertaining. also to combo, you gave me hope on that Rufus matchup, because i thought that shit was impossible, but you showed me the light son.
Marn, FlashM, Perfect Sin- it was really nice to kick it with you guys at your room. you guys are all real chill people. Im glad that i got a chance to smoke with marn and perfect sin. Marn your to funny when your high, and perfect sin your one of the most chill and humble people i have ever met. Hope to see you guys soon.
Joe Dubbs- Glad to see you again, im glad you came down with my brother and got a chance to kick with all of us in norcal. This weekend was to fun and filled with to much humor. Sorry again for spitting beer all over you, i just couldnt help it.
Bryant- Also thanks again for coming down to norcal. You are a really chill dude, and your boxer is godlike son. Hopefully i can come up there soon, and we can all hang out and have more smoke sessions.
Nima- thanks for ditching your own bro.
LB/Slompo- for having a last minute team, we did really good. Im glad you guys were on my team. well get them next time.
John D- thank for always being there and helping me when i need it. I dont think you get enough credit with all the help you have given me in all the fudds.
Keystone 2- Thanks again to albert for coming through with a ton of equipment, Im glad to have made a friend like you, and i will be seeing you soon at keystone.
Andry- good shit on the mic as usual.
Thrust/Vestax- Thank you guys for always stepping up and running HD remix. Im glad i can count on you guys for running things smoothly and on time.
Jay/Marcos/Nam/Boy of Joy/Ghostmaker/L2P/Aaron- thank you all for bringing setups and console. It always means alot to me when you guys help out like that.

The first set of grand finals was INSANE. Combo was on fire.

Any footy Ramin? :smiley:

Easily my best out-of-town traveling experience. Didn’t matter that fuddruckers stopped serving food at 9’ somethin PM, cause me/combo/keno hit that up ASAP next day! Burgers so good! chocolate shake! OMFG. I don’t care if I have a fudds 20 minutes away from my house, im driving back down to norcal for some fudds! ASAP!

love the team names >_<