Norcal 9 commentators

Yeah of course in a perfect world we have the top 5 commentators at every event rotating in and out but sometimes you just work with what you have. I can’t fault IPW or Haunts or anyone at NCR for the commentary, because I don’t think they particularly took away from the event in any way. It is what it is.

Quoting myself from another thread:

Yes, it is very sad that someone doesn’t understand counter hit set-ups, option selects, general match-up plans for every character and know every single hit box in the game. Shame on them for trying to learn through other players who have been playing much longer than they have.

We have a like button, we should have a dislike one too.

so you want them to dumb down something that they’ve been doing for years and years just to cater to the new folks? those same new folks that are talking shit about them and putting them down? that’s what the newbie forums are for…so people can catch up. the scene shouldn’t be mired in a constant effort to catch everyone up. it’s an ever-evolving thing, and if you want to jump on board, it shouldn’t have to stop for you. nothing is ever like that. nothing.

and if you listened to the stream, you’d learn something, but you’ve got your fingers so deep in your ears while you sing la-la-la-la-la, that you’re too deaf to hear it. i’ve taken away a ton of shit from their streams, and just because it’s wrapped in humor or hidden between bits of vulgarity, it doesn’t make it less valuable.

if i set some shit up because i’ve been into it for a while and wanted a way to enjoy it more, than i’d do it the way i wanted to, and gear it towards the people who know me…not towards people who have just stepped into a room and immediately think they know just as much. their stream, their language, their right to do what they want. if it costs them money or sponsorship, that’s on them, but if you want to talk shit to them, go to an event and say it to their faces. they’re real-ass people like you and me, and if you had even the remotest idea of that, then you wouldn’t act like a petulant child when given a gift.

I didn’t think the commentary was as bad as people are making it out to be, if anything it was a bit lazy, and had a lot of stupid humor, but whatever, that was their personality. I personally liked it for the first half of the stream, but by the second half, it just got to be a little much.

And as for Sunday, I wasn’t able to listen to it because I was at NCR, however I did keep an eye on the commentators, so I would know who was on the mic, and I knew right away it was probably much more insightful than it was on day 1, thanks to Seth K. on the mic for a lot of the day. But I really hope the stream was as juiced about the top 8 for AE and MVC3, as everyone at NCR was, shit was popping off in the crowd. I swear I have never rooted so hard for Ricky Ortiz in my life.

Also, eyepawd, you really get bothered by the HYPE? Seriously? Have you ever BEEN to a major tournament? Seen the clutch moments, the, yes, nail biters (don’t give a fuck if you think it’s cliche, it is a popular phrase for a reason), witnessed first hand a fellow human being do something absolutely perfectly, under the ridiculous amount of pressure that players endure? Shit gets HYPE, and the commentators are there, and are also going to get HYPE about it. If you can’t enjoy yourself and get excited while watching the best in the world doing something you are passionate about, on the biggest stage, then either your life is absolutely horrible, and you should probably do something about that, not spend your time watching streams, or you don’t care for the games, or the scene very much. In either case I say good riddance, and nobody will miss you when you’ve moved on to the next fad.

I’m really sick of these holier than thou types that are popping up in the FG community.Fucking stream monsters who found SF4 after streams were the norm, and have developed some distorted sense of entitlement. Alongside this idea that they have a right to talk shit about the people who are putting in tons of unseen hours to bring you the streams you get to watch every weekend. Not to mention the archived footage you’ll get to watch for the rest of your lives. I’ll admit that the commentary wasn’t great, but I respect the hell out of anyone who donates their time to making our community better, and providing us with this LIVE footage and commentary.

the commentators were just being themselves and keeping things natural and that’s all you can ask for . Unlike the robotic/dry/play by play /boring commentary that we usually get.

I like Iplaywinner’s commentary. It added to the enjoyment during hype moments. DONT CHANGE IT.

im sick of these politically correct people. first they permanban stream monsters for non-sexist/non-racist light trolling on the Level Up stream. now they are trying to MODERATE established commentators like the IPW crew.

If the IPW crew wants to have fun commentating and trolling their viewers that’s their prerogative. Most of us appreciate their efforts and find them entertaining. Just look at the chat, only a minority were dissatisfied with the commentary. I saw a lot of positive comments from the stream chat especially during the MvC3 top 8.

I saw the whole NCR9 event and the commentators only used ONE cliche from that list.

-They’re feeling each other out.

They said that after the orgasm fest that was their trailer so it fits the scenery.

And instead of saying “They dropped the ball.” they put their own twist on things and preferred to say “he dropped the soap”.

IPW > Level UP

This is the worst.

I like really dry commentary to tell me whats happening on the screen devoid of any humor because I am a stream monster that lacks a brain stem and I need people to spoon feed me shit /salt

Damn new players are so spoiled these days.

I just want to point out something here is that Level|Up has no control on what IPW does on their streams that is their own thing entirely. If you been banned from the level|up chat then more than likely you earned it. There is nothing stopping you from creating a new account on jtv and joining the chat again.

I thought the commentating was fine. Hell, I liked it better than James Chen/Ultra David. Nothing personal against either of those two guys but I find their voices annoying. I don’t actually pay attention to what’s being said during commentary, so as long as the person speaking doesn’t have an annoying voice I don’t care much. It was also a hell of a lot better than some of the random people on the mic during spooky streams. Spooky streams are my favorite, but sometimes the commentating is just unbelievably awful.

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2010ers stop embarrassing me.

Here’s my goddamn suggestion. If you value commentary so much, why don’t you donate money to the stream for commentary? People who sacrifice their entire weekend to talk to a bunch of sadlifes in their mom’s basement, will have a bigger incentives to impress.

Except that you didn’t ban my account, you banned my IP address. It’s impossible for me to even see the chat again regardless of what I do.

I’ve watched dozens of streams at and ustream and that was the first time I got banned like this. I had no idea what was going on so after a search of banning policies I saw that there are 3 level of bans:
-24 hours ip ban for one channel
-permanent ip ban for one channel
-global ban from happens if someone is banned from several channels

That was the first time I was banned so it was impossible that I had a global ban, especially since I could still type in IPW, PeacefulJay or Spooky’s channel. So I thought “hey maybe Level Up just banned me for 24 hours.” But then I found out that the ban was permanent, all over a little comment that was neither sexist or racist.

In fact, my comment is something I could say in real life and nobody would get offended by it. Sometimes commentators like Spooky, Arturo or Haunts read what I type out loud and respond or troll me back which is all in good fun. I don’t do personal insults or stuff that I wouldn’t say irl, so none of them ever banned me.

And I’ve been posting on SRK for 2 years and I never got any infractions either. So I was really surprised to be permabanned without any warning for typing the same harmless comments that I would type here or on other stream chats. And from reading the chat on spooky stream I saw other guys were permabanned for doing light trolling like saying that THawk was banned.

Some of us have cable internet and a static IP address, so when you ban our IP address we are banned for good. On the other hand, some guy I saw on the other stream who liked to use racial slurs said he was banned 8 times from Level Up but can still come back to spew the same level of hate. So when you say that :

Yeah… those of us who just did light, harmless trolling and got permabanned really deserved it, while those repeating racists are still free to return and spew their hate.

And to add to the topic at hand, there’s no need to force the IPW commentators to conform to some arbitrary professional standard when they’ve been commentating for free for years and MOST people ENJOY the way they do things. It’s only a select sensitive minority that’s offended. And well, if people somehow force their hands and turn our beloved hipster trash into corporate zombies, then who’s to say the next step wouldn’t be IPW stream turning into a police state where stream monsters will be permabanned for the slightest offense.

In the entertainment industry, you don’t have to be “professional” and proper to succeed. Look at Dana White and Filipino Champ.

I don’t need someone holding my hand while I am watching a match.

norcal commentary is the worst but at least they keep it real

I don’t get why people feel the need to complain. It’s not like the fighting game community is a company providing a service you paid for. If you want to make it better then roll up your sleeves and put in work. I watched the stream and the only annoying commentary is coming from whiny babys from Lunchmeat, Washington posting on srk. Thanks for asking.

The commentary was 90% shit except when MarkMan or Seth were on. That hipster wannabe Jared from IPW can eat a dick, I muted every time he was on.

For all you saying that you dont need commentary during a match because you “dont need someone to tell you whats happening”, do you feel the same way about sports on television? Good commentators like ultradavid, MarkMan, Seth, and James Chen tell you more than whats going on in the match. They tell you who the player’s main is, and if they switch, why its a surprise. They tell you about the players play style and how long they have been in the scene, etc.

Magus wasn’t too bad, he had a tendency to get wrapped up in what was happening too much, and just cheer on the players, but not terrible.

My personal OPINION is that there are 2 valid styles of commentating:

Factual informational commentating like you get from James Chen, UltraDavid, and Seth

Comedic commentating like you get from MarkMan, Aris, Chis Hu, and Yipes