Noobie Games SF4 Ranbat - Miami, FL - 5/2/2009

1: D’nyc3
2: Pyrotron
3: Simplypheer
4: Burrito
5: ssj2jeff
5: Glitch
7: Druid
7: Hyperblast
9: Rageofshinigami
9: K-OH
9: DarkHokage
9: FightClub
13: Damien
13: Foxxmosis
13: No Coso Esa
13: Sambino

Special Thanks go out to Druid, burrito, sol, and who ever else brought SF4 copies. Great tournament with some great matches everyone.

good shit guys thx everyone for comin out.

good shit to dnyce for the tourney win!!!

I second that :rolleyes:

Noobie Games is the shit ppl! We need to make this our regular spot. If I can make it down once a week from West Palm Beach, anyone south of me should be fine, believe me, it’s worth it.

Good job to all who attended. I got my eye on you D’nyc.

Yea this spot is nice, comfortable, I say we run this tourney bi weekly.

next time im bringing out my secret weapon

thats great to hear guys im glad u guys like the spot. Ill talk to the owner eddie about maybe having a weekly fight night, with cheap admission and free play for the evening. about tourneys… turnout for this event despite noone knowing of noobies existence was pretty good however seeing as south florida is gettin a little overloaded with tourneys a biweekly tourney is only gonna add to the mess. what id like to see is a giant tourney day some time months from now. ive got somtin cookin, but in order for it to be really huge I think somethings gotta be done about all these damn small tourneys taking away all the hype.

If we can stay in one spot and as time goes by, I’m sure that’ll take care of it’s self. We get good turn outs in zp aka shit hole, because up until Saturday, most of the ppl that went didn’t even know about Noobie Games. In time more ppl will come, in turn making the tourney grow.

Besides, anyone that has been around a few years will say that Florida has never had much of a scene, unfortunately. We have control of that though. Hopefully we decide on NG since it’s way better than ZP.

Great setup, lots of room and ventilation. Good games to all.

We just need the dual monitor setup or bigger ( lag free ) screens next time.

aight boys talking with eddie (owner of noobies) and he says that hes got a yugioh league going monthly tourneys at 3 different locations, that being said he says we can hold tourneys on same days goin monthly. and we will have a ladder matches that will give tourney winners of smaller ones a seed into a grand champ tourney that will happen once or twice a year. prolly 3 different games will be represented at each event (sf4 will be one the rest is being discussed). And season leader will receive a trophy of some sort to rep his win with. plus large cash prize for grand champ winner. If all goes well we can have these goin, also fridays are being discussed right now as fighter night for noobies with a reduced fee for those who are there solely to play fighters ( I cant promise zp low tho…hard to compete with literally dirt cheap price of 3$ but close I promise).
aw fuck it ima make a thread after I talk this out with him tomorrow.

Sounding good Jedi. Keep us posted on this.

damn dwayne dont stop winning…

i need to change this…