nOOb Ryu!

im a newb to capcom vs snk 2 and was hoping to get some help from people with knowledge on the game, i have played previous street fighter and KOF titles but have never excelled or was any good for that matter

So any tips on how to pick up Ryu and learn to use him properly would be grateful

Well, to be quite frank, there is no EASY way to pick up Ryu. Nor any other character. All it takes is practice practice practice, make sure you stay dedicated to that character for a while. Don’t go character hopping 2 months into training with Ryu…bad move…very bad move. If you have any…technical questions just ask…move…combo…strat wise. Laterz

Ryu in thirty days! Or your money back!

Jumping backwards if for sissies. Ryu is no sissy. Stand your ground.

If they jump at you, use s.Hk to punish them.

Fireballs are your best friend. Always try to use the hcf+p to maintain an attack (and you know, you might actually land a few)

Doesn’t matter what groove you’re on

Dragon punches are a great way to get hurt if you don’t know how to use them. I suggest you start with basic dp.lp. The damage is the same but it’s not so blaringly obvious if you miss.

Against parry and JD folks hurricane kick is your best friend. Second only to

learn to use his hop kick ( this is a great way to stay in peoples face. xx hurricane kick. Don’t use a HK hurricane though, with a mk you can cross over and combo from there.

His crossover attack isn’t great (I suck with it) but xx xx hurricane. This is a great way to stay on your opponent without staying too still.

What’s so special about I’ve heard people talk about this with Akuma too about forward+mp in air, what the hell does it do? Why not use HP?

I’m not saying don’t use j.hp

j.hp can be used to buffer some excellent supers.


When Ryu uses he hits twice Like I said earlier, against P groove junkies this is immediate threat. The first part is parried, the second hits and Ryu lands first setting up for a crossover… a whatever.

However if you would rather deal with mid air parry with something else, you can always buffer in a midair hurricane kick when you see you get parried