Noob question (though I'm not a noob) about abbreviations

Can some one give me a list (or direct me to one) that explain what all the abbreviations mean? “qcf+fierce” means quarter-circle forward plus fierce button right? Can someone tell me what all the directions means (like “ss” and “xx”)? I’ve been playing fighting games all my life (I just turned 20 by the way) and I’ve never understood this stuff, I just went through trial and error to learn moves and combos. I really want to learn this stuff cause I’m going to own a lot of 2d fighting games soon. Thanks a lot.

I believe there is one on sonic hurricane.

d OR c OR cr = down on the joystick
s OR neutral = leave the joystick in it’s original position
u = up on the joystick
uf = up towards on the joystick
ub = up back on the joystick
b = back on the joystick
j = jumping: ub, uf, or u
oc OR df = down-towards
db = down-back on the joystick
sj = super jump, usually tap down and hit u, ub, or uf (a la MvC 2 or CvS 2)
lj = low jump, usually tap ub, u, or uf (a la KOFs)

qcf = d, df, f
qcb = d, db, b
hcf = b, db, d, df, f
hcb = f, df, d, db, b
charge = hold a specified direction for 2 seconds, i.e.:
charge b, f = back for 2 seconds then hit forward
tiger knee = d, df, f, uf
dp = f, d, df
rdp = b, d, db
move xx another move = cancel: do the motion of the second move before the first move has finished its animation
don’t know what ss means.

On a Capcom fighting game, the buttons will look like this

(lp)     (mp)    (hp)
(lk)     (mk)    (Hk) 

LP or Jab- Weakest punch
MP or Strong- Medium Punch
HP or Fierce- Strongest Punch
LK or Short- Weakest Kick
MK or forward- Medium Hick
HK or Roundhouse (RH for short)- Strongest Kick

Dont get Forward (MK) confused with moving forward, Forward is the name of that kick strength

Thanks very much.