Noob modding Hori fighting stick EX with madcatz 360

I hope theres no threads already that explain this, I couldnt find any anyway. It should be a fairly simple question I hope :slight_smile:
Ive got an old Hori Fighting Stick EX (the one for the original xbox), and I want to put the PCB from a wired Madcatz 360 pad in there. Just to test it out Ive wired the A button up just with the signal to the trace coming from the A button on the Hori, and the ground from the A button to the common ground on the Hori.
Now when I plug in the USB from the pad to my PC to test it, the A button is constantly pressed. I checked and the ground and signal arent joined at any point so I dont understand why it should be switched on.
I am new to this so sorry if its something obvious, Thanks :slight_smile:


OK have I just been a total idiot here and noones feeling mean enought to tell me? Is it not possible to mod a stick if its not using microswitches under the buttons and instead of pads on the PCB? I was hoping that if I wired up the signal and ground on the pad PCB to the joystick PCB it would perform the same purpose. If anyone could put me out of my misery on this one it would be appreciated before I waste any more time on the bastard!

Don’t know anything about the original EX, but if it is not common ground like the EX 2, then it might not work.

I think you are trying to dual PCB this?

Yay someone replied :smiley:
As far as I can tell it is a common ground, all the ground points seem to link up anyway. Does this mean its not moddable? I was originally thinking of just taking out the Hori PCB as well but looking at it, I dont see any reason I couldnt just leave both in and have 2 cables coming off the box.