Non-Fighting game Capcom chars. in 2-d fighters

Ever since Marvel vs. Capcom it’s been proofed that this stuff works (e.a. Strider).
Perhaps Capcom should put some more popular chars. in their new fighting games to attract new/more players to the genre.


If there’s gonna be a CFE2, a Resident Evil team would killer.
They could already use Jill (since Capcom is so new sprite happy lol) other additions could be:

  • Albert Wesker (with his new powers found in RE: Code Veronica)
  • Nemesis (could become the ultimate grappler; Choke slam galore!)
  • Hunk (Just because he’s plain cool)
  • Chris Redfield (since we need a hero char.)

Other possibilities could be Onimusha & Devil May Cry etc. (Zero from Megaman X fame, is bound 2 be in if so.)

Your opinion please.

Capcom has already been doing this in other games as well (Cody and Rolento in SFA3, and Maki in CVS2 come to mind).

Agreed, but the line a between a scrolling beat em up and a fighting game is a bit thinner than say a game like Resident Evil.

But anyway i’m glad to see that Final Fight chars. could live on in the SF series.

after playing the DMC3 demo, Dante is definitly begging to be put into a fighting game

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this happening. Anyone else expecting to see Dante in the recently announced Darkstalkers 4?

I’d love to see Samanosuke, Megaman X, and (MORE) Jill show up in crossover games, but as far as putting them in theyre regular fighting franchises (i.e. street fighter), I’m against it unless the characters fit in to the world well.

I’ll allow Dante in DS, but the minute they put Viewtiful Joe in SF, I walk.

I’d rather Capcom add other fighters they are associated with to CFJ2. Such as: SF1, SFEX, Rival Schools etc.

Definitely SF1 or SFEX, imagine seeing some of those characters in 2D at last!

we all agree that they plainly need a more diverse roster. I’m happy with seeing some darkstalkers in there and chars from red earth…but DMC , SF EX+alpha , and even viewtiful Joe chars need love too >.>

Capcom needs to whore out Dante more. He’s the flagship character for them now.

Even if the game was utter crap, I’d buy any 2D fighter featuring Viewtiful Joe. That’d be too sick. :orgasms:


We need these CAPCOM characters in 2-D fighters

Bass & Treble
I dont do RE someone else can do those characters
Viewtiful Joe
Red Arremer

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription…

is more Jin Saotome.

doesn’t Dante appear in Jedah’s CFJ ending?


LOL I loved that sketch.

Anyway, yeah, Id agree with most everybody and say Dante needs to be stuck in a fighting game. Viewtiful Joe too, along with Alastor from the same game.

what sketch? and yea more jin

“I got a fever…and the only perscription…is more cowbell.”

He was quoting a great SNL skit done a few years back with Christopher Walken.

Yeah, Viewtiful Joe and other characters from the game should be in some future fighting game, that would be too good. Captain Blue would be awesome as well.

dante in jedah’s ending? id love more info on this please

edit: oh crap i just saw a photo of the ending… fucking awesome

I just want them to use Linn Kurosawa again, but Fox are being such dickheads about it that she can’t appear in anything more than a cameo or an obscure piece of art where only her foot’s visible.

linn kurosawa would be awesome.
stab stab airthrow=top tier.
and she already has a dp and a fireball.

and seeing as how pretty much every other capcom franchise has been mentioned…