Noir clone cabinet (with Ampup Customs panel, naomi amp, extras) - SOLD!

Sold to a local Arcade :slight_smile: Thanks for looking!

[details=Spoiler]An awesome opportunity has come up and I need to offload some stuff! I wanted to offer this to the FGC since It’s what its geared for!

This Noir clone cabinet is wired for full JAMMA support with a GBS video scaler for JAMMA boards. It is also wired for JVS power so you can run newer arcade games as well. I currently have my Xbox one, but you can put any current/last generation console in there (controller adapters not included, but can be purchased from me).

Custom Control panel has 2 additional USB ports to allow for two more players for 4 player action.

Mame/hyperspin setups would go GREAT with this!

Asking $1500, pickup in northern utah, or delivery to locals for a little bit more (depends on location). If you’re elsewhere, palleting, packing and shipping is your responsibility

Pics and details are in this post

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damn this is nice wish i had the funds plus shipping to nyc would kill me damn maybe one day ill get one :’(

you should keep bothering henry and maybe he’ll sell those red vewlix cabinets lol

tell him you wanna buy one and I will buy the other one. don’t know why he won’t just sell them. not like he uses them for anything. they have been sitting there for what 2-3 years now :grimace:

@snake he would sell for 1000 but truthfully i rather buy one of your cabs i wish i got to buy the one we played on at your crib that would be perfect for my room its a perfect size please let me know if you making one man so i can save money
p.s i lost your number new phone

i am way too busy for any of that lol. i can’t keep track of all the work I need to finish and constantly late with EVERYTHING ever. maybe sometimes in the summer when I am back home(going on vacation again soon). I will let you know if I can take on more projects.

honestly tho…$1000 sounds like a good deal for one of those cabinet. 32" monitor and all the jazz AND you dont have to pay for any shipping. it cost like 600-700 on parts alone to make something like that. then you got hours(weeks lol…) of work on top of that. if I were you Id try get henry to sell for little less. maybe 800 or even 900 is really good imo.

This has been sold to a local arcade! Thanks for the bumps and views, guys!