Noble gentry, I have need of your services once more

Much love to ToyRobotTerror for my past two avs.

Sadly, it would appear that it is time once more for change.

I really have no particular request, just anything you think fits the Dan?ish mold. Though av’s involving Zakus do get bonus points.

The winner will recieve my undying gratitude and acceptance into the “We’ve all made av’s for Dan?” Mile High Club, which currently only holds two members: GiveQuicheAChance and the aforementioned ToyRobotTerror.

Will you be next?


Wow, I’m loving that. Unless someone just makes one that is the embodiment of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior in avatar form then that’s the one.

Tee Hee :lol:

See Adam Epstein


Looks like I’ma go with Master Chibi’s, but pos rep for everyone in here for the effort!

Unless anyone has any objections, I’m savin all these entries for use at a later date.

Quiche, what exactly is going on in your entry?


Edit: Woops, I need to build more meter before I can POS REP BOMB Taichi and Quiche. Whatever, you guys get high fives!

Are you kidding me?

It’s a mace-wielding ninja master discussing the pros and cons of babies falling down repeatedly in graveywards with a 7-Up marketing icon.




I really need Quiche to do a “Taichi-esque” avatar for me…that guy seriously has TOO MUCH time on his hands…

and Dan?, I’m gonna play with my design some more, to make the detail a little clearer…

Quiche… LMFAO

Chibi - HOT SHIT

Of course I knew that! I…just…uh…wanted to make sure that…uh…you knw that. Yes! That’s exactly it!

Heh heh heh…[/Nervously rubbing sweaty palms together]

aww hell naw…:rofl:

Oh shit, it’s Cool Spot (7-Up dude). That guy kicks ass. :rock: :lol:

If you’re not gonna wear it, I’m gonna see if anyone else wants it.


The best avatar Ive ever seen. :lol:

Fine! Dish out your own work to people of your choosing, see if I care!


Quiche, that’s a dope av.

Again, if anyone wants that av, get premium and ask me for it, and it’s all yours.


I meant your current.