No one had a ECC 3S tourny page in here

s4o i decided to start it. every year i miss out on going to it cus i come back to miami every summer. i want to know what r the high points of the tourny. congrat2 to Peter (it is the lopside afro kid with the big m0uth right? ) for coming in 5th place.


i was there. combofiend (peter rosas of mvc2 fame) got 5th…not flashmetroid (the kid of whom you speak of) (he qualified with an easy bracket (yes fool, don’t deny it!) and went 0-2 for a 13th placing).

angling problems plagued me (and undeniably, a bunch of others) throughout the tourney and i could only place 9th.

henry cen’s hugo beasted pretty much almost everyone throughout the 3 days.

eddie lee is the calmest player ever, sporting numerous comebacks through the weekend (he came back from an 0-1 downhill match (with 3 pixels left before getting 0-2ed) TWICE against me).

c-royd displayed the knowledge and expertise you’d come to expect from him, and played very well throughout.

richel (zerog) from FL was upsetted and did not qualify, though in terms of improvement and skills, he’s definitely upped his game since ecc9.

eric lee (shinshay) also was upsetted and did not qualify.

john kim (kofiend) is a beast with yang, but does not deny that yun is beastlier. (yes, he needed yun’s help to place!)

ricky and justin are ricky and justin.

breaksteaks are great. i hate to hear that this was the last ECC…

thanks to combofiend/dash/pighadouken/killerkai for coming all the way from cali. it’s great to see that cali isn’t represented by some kids who hug their arcade all day. cough. :wink:

ok first of all, i didn t NEED yun, i used him so i didn t have to think about winning, top 16 had 3 immediate threats with 3 more coming up, everyone is around the machines…and my opponent showed to have a weakness for yun, doobi doobi doo~
be thankful you didn t see a sa2 yun, blocked shoulder > genei~~ sa2!!1

let me see, teams…
marv pretty much let me be first on teams except devin/daniel’s, since they re from my neck of the woods, marv would definetly have a easier time. i beat combofiend’s team in the teams but i got me payback in the top 16, ouch…
justin/flash peaced us out, marv had justin stunned and dead but missed his jump, so he ended up finishing with a hurricane since justin was almost out of stun, ultimately getting shit damage:sad:

eddie lee…o gosh, i d like to say i had him shit scared and it looked like it too, but everything was within his fist and the final round showed it…

marv didn t complain about the sticks once, while you can catch me viciously kicking the side of the machine, i wonder what i looked like on the break security cams lol.

exo and eric were missing SOOOOOOOOO much shit, khang, jumping lk for life!!1

shit talk like “o if i was on better controls, blah blah” was rampant…yeh, lets completely ignore everyone is making the best with what they have too, o well, everyone swears they re good so thats whatever.

i only got to play pighadoken once during casuals, but a combination of not caring and not knowing who he was…by the time i was like “hey, this guy is pretty decent…” it was too late, BWAHAHAHAHAHA i m so slow…
anyway, yeh, he had the tight execution you d typically expect from a cali player, good shit. not sure how he did in the tourny though.

the next large tournies for 3s in the area will most likely be TFGM’s “ec evo” down in virginia during magfest, if not evo, both are likely to be console. i m moving to queens in july so, i should be able to goto ctf more often before evo.

hmm…more shit happened, let me see…ughh i ll remember later

btw- flash ran the tourny pretty tight, props for directing and winning

ali didn t qualify- he had a tough bracket(ricky and someone else i m not remembering), i felt worst for ali and zerog, both had situations where the game was theirs but some tiny fuck up they clearly didn t mean…shit happens…

quotes- i don t even remember wtf was going on with him, he was everywhere, he s in indo with a connection so maybe he ll post something up

When is this expected to take place?

I haven’t played seriously in ages, but I’d like to attend at least one more tournament before I completely drop the game.

you d have to ask him for the details

how’d Eric go out? I’m thinking he used Ryu, right?

he used ken but had mental blocks against arturo and dash. X_X

wtf are you talking about i hated those sticks I hope they die and go to hell

you were a good sport about it

well the fact is that no matter how much i hate the sticks, i have to play on it. I hate those sticks so much.

yeh maybe phi should of just got the 8 ways.

i m guess happs is still trying to sell off their shit batch, then give them the right ones when they call back

no i love 360’s. I play amazing on them but holy fuck those things were tight as hell.

I hear you on that one. I can use a p360, but if its too tight or gives way too much I just suck. I won’t even bother going to the next NorCal regionals for 3s because of the sticks.

I personally like Comp sticks and buttons.

i played like shit except vs. pigadoken

if you played like shit except vs one guy, it means that good match against that one guy was a fluke.

but if you keep playing and improving your game, it will get to the point that someone beating you will be a fluke