No one did this before

a dumb costume post for remy! lol i’m high…

no, but seriously u ever play someone in the arcade (or xbox live) and u play a few sets for a mirror match and they choose the same costume u did making u fight with a costume your not used to…

its not even about remy i’m talking about any fighting game really where your eye cant focus or track your motions well enough cus your eyes r on the other opponent’s character cus u think its yours?

part 2 (kill two birds with one thread)

where is the moon stone in crono trigger?

Go to Porre in 600 A.D. or 1000 A.D.,
then travel back to 2300 A.D. and youll be at the sun palace. Go in, do your thing, and eventually youll find the boss. Fight him, get the sun stone, then time travel to the appropriate time for placing the sun stone (cant remember which, probably the earliest). Then you go through this whole thing and I cant remember exactly what happens next but the sun stone becomes the moonstone after a certain number of years. sorry I couldnt be more specific, go check gamefaqs if you get stuck.

and yeah, about the character thing, I think about this all the time lol, it drives me nuts when someone picks “my” colors :lol:, but Ive come to accept thats just part of playing fighting games. But yeah I know what you mean, and its annoying:lol:

LK Remy gets my vote. Only color that beats that one in my book=Start+RH. Best color ever.

…and being high …well…it rules:lol:

Mp Remy… looks the most modern w/o going metro…

pink hair one

I am used to Start+HP remy in my Console, but with no memory card or on arcades I play MK Remy - with red hair :smiley: It’s kinda Ghey but in my country there is one funny singer who looks exactly like remy in MK color :smiley:

i think lots of us here likes the redhead

remy looks like a fag either way.

lk is the way to go

Blond hair for me. Makes him look like an azn heatbag.

MP here…

which one is blue hair?
i usually hit start and lk and mk, abd get blue hair.

ok i havent played crono trigger in a while and since its my own thread and i can spam (am i right?)

when u fight zeal for the last time, and she splits into just her head and two hands how do u defeat her?

Whatever you do, do NOT attack the arms or you will be sorry,direct all attacks to the head, so use lots of regular attacks or Techs that only hit one target. You should also keep your group’s HP very high throughout the entire battle, so use a MegaElixir when needed to quickly heal your whole group’s HP/MP. Both arms will use elemental magic to attack your party, so be prepared to heal if your HP goes too low. Also, Zeal will reduce your party’s HP to 1 at some point, so be ready to use a MegaElixir to bounce back from that hit. Anyway, keep attacking the head with your strongest Techs and regular attacks while healing every few rounds or so.

reads chrono trigger tactics

um… i like MP

This thread fucking owns. :lol:

Seriously, it warms my heart that a stoner can start a random thread anywhere on SRK and get good Chrono Trigger advice.

LP+MK+HP session 20 Pierrot Le Fou bitches

And MP

well it’s not really random…it’s a remy poll in a remy thread :confused:

ok ok…

what r good reasons to play chrono trigger through new game plus? right now i know what the greatest the game has and i played it back in the mid 90’s just fine but whats the point behind being so strong and coming back to abuse it? r there bosses or enemies that become harder the more powerful u r?

its interesting no one plays fierce color remy so far. sometimes i use fierce color remy but most the time its roundhouse.

I didn’t mean the thread was random. I meant it was so random to ask about CT in a Remy thread. I meant he probably could have posted that question in any randomly selected thread. I thought it was so random that his question actually got quality answers. lol

MK. It makes Remy look the most homosexual.

And the point of New Game+ is to get the different endings, depending on when you beat Lavos in the storyline.

Here are the different endings you can get and how you get them:

Ending01 Beyond Time: Beat Lavos at the end of the game
Ending02 Reunion Beat Lavos: while Chrono is 'dead’
Ending03 The Dream Project: Beat Lavos in the Black Omen OR right after Marle joins your party (New Game+ only)
Ending04 The Successor of Guardia: Beat Lavos as soon as you return from 600 AD [right telepod, again - only new game +]
Ending05 Good Night: Beat Lavos as soon as you get to the End of Time [use bucket]
Ending06 Legendary Hero: Beat Lavos before you get the Hero Medal, but after you hear Tata is the hero
Ending07 The Unknown Past: Beat Lavos after getting the Hero Medal, but before the Masamune is fixed
Ending08 People of the Times: Beat Lavos after you get the gate key back in 65,000,000 BC
Ending09 The Oath: Beat Lavos after getting the Masamune fixed, but before opening the magic cave
Ending10 Dino Age: Beat Lavos after defeating Magus, but before defeating Azala
Ending11 What the Prophet Seeks: Beat Lavos after defeating Azala
Ending12 A Slide Show: Beat Lavos after Schala uses her pendant, but before yours is powered
Ending13 Day of Lavos: Fight Lavos and lose

mmm, all customes look pretty homosexual to me :confused: it’s hard to just pick one to be the most homosexual of them all.

perfect place to ask this question since the remy section has many frequent posters, most of them having a remy avator…

and if your on srk, that means your atleast at one level of nerdom so there has to be CT info i can squeeze out of most of u that i dont know already.